World Series History at CBP

World Series history was made on this exact date eight years ago. Where you at Citizens Bank Park? Or, where glued to the TV? Radio? Internet? We you even born?

Game 5 began on this date but it never finished. With the score tied at 2-all after 5 ½ innings, the game was suspended because of rain. It marked the first time in World Series history that a game was suspended.

The game resumed on October 29 following a 111-hour rain delay. Pedro Feliz’ single drives in Eric Buntlett with the lead run in the seventh inning of a 4-3 decision. Brad Lidge strikes out Eric Hinske in the ninth to give the Phillies their second World Championship.

Here’s the Phillies lineup that night. So, where are they now?

Jimmy Rollins, SS. Just finished TBS postseason TV work
Jayson Werth, RF. Playing for the Nationals.
Chase Utley, 2B. Finished season with Dodgers. Will become a free agent.
Ryan Howard, 1B. Phillies career ended on October 3. Hopes to play in 2016.
Pat Burrell, LF. Resides in Arizona
Eric Bruntlett, PR-LF. Resides in California.
Shane Victorino, CF. Resides in Las Vegas. Hopes to play in 2016.
Pedro Feliz, 3B. Resides in Florida.
Carlos Ruiz, C. Finished season with Dodgers. Will become a free agent.
Cole Hamels, P. Member of Rangers’ rotation.
Geoff Jenkins, PH. Resides in Arizona.
Ryan Madson, P. Closer for the A’s.
J. C. Romero, P. Resides in Alabama.
Brad Lidge, P. Resides in Colorado.

2016 Photo Album
Photographs tell the story. What follows is another image from the 2016 Phillies season. Thank you, Miles Kennedy, for this lens gem.



Back on Friday, April 29, Ryan Howard hit a walk-off home run to give the Phillies a 4-3 win in 11 innings. Little did anyone know it would be the final walk-off homer in Howard’s career. By the time that weekend ended, the Phillies had a three-game winning streak and a 15-10 record.

Who was the enemy? The Cleveland Indians who left town 10-13.

Who was the pitcher: closer Cody Allen who is part of that dominating bullpen that has carried the Indians into the World Series.

World Series Phun Fact

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Game 1, Tropicana Field (2008). Chase Utley’s first hit in his first World Series at-bat is a two-run homer, the 34th player in World Series history to do that. Game 1, Yankee Stadium (2009). Chase hits two home runs to become the first major leaguer with multiple home runs in a World Series game since Reggie Jackson hit three (1977). No Phillies player had done either. Photo: Getty Images.

Unbreakable Records
No one ever thought Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game playing streak (2,130) that ended in 1939 would ever topple. But it did, by Cal Ripken Jr., who played in 2,632 straight games. His streak came to an end in 1998 and it may stand forever.

The Phillies have been around since 1883. That first season was a disaster (17-81) and some of those initial records will never, ever be broken. For starters, 17 wins will always be the low water mark for wins in a season. Trust me.

John Coleman, a 5-foot-9 right-hander out of Syracuse University, was the ace. Hey, he won 12 of the 17 games. Wouldn’t that make him the ace?

But, the really big news, Coleman led league with 48 losses, 772 hits allowed, 291 earned runs allowed in 61 games started. Included was a streak of losing 12 consecutive games. Coleman’s losses, hits allowed and earned runs allowed are Major League Baseball records let alone Phillies individual single-season records that will never disappear.

Next week some records set by Richie Ashburn that will never be broken.

HR Record Holders
We all know Ryan Howard owns the Phillies record for most home runs in a season, 58, set ten years ago. Who held that distinction after the Phillies first season in 1883? Hint, three hit the most, one each. Yep, one.

Aside from the 1883 trio, eight others held the record before Ryan. Those numbers ranged from 5 to 48. The complete story is posted at

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