A Plethora of Ryan Howard Notes


Ryan Howard was a father-figure and respected giant on a very young team this season. He was the Phillies last player to be born in the 1970s (11/1979). That didn’t make him a senior citizen. It just seemed that way.

What follows is a plethora of notes from the career of Ryan James Howard, enough to fill a notepad.

Phillies Career Rankings
1st, grand slams, 15
2nd, home runs, 382
2nd, RBI, 1,194
3rd, extra-base hits, 680
5th, total bases, 2,940
5th, slugging percentage, .515
7th, games, 1,572
10th, doubles, 277

HR Numbers
Citizens Bank Park, 198, most for any Phillies player
First base, 370
Batting fourth, 303
Favorite inning, 6th, 59
Favorite count, 0-0, 64
Favorite enemy park, Turner Field, 52
When Phillies trailed, 148
Number of pitchers, 255
RH pitchers, 291
LH pitchers, 91
Different ballparks, 26
112 in 515 minor league games

Phillies were 230-122 (.653) when he homered.

First, Last HR
#1 9/11/04 vs. Mets, Bartolome Fortunato, Shea Stadium.
#382 10/2/16 vs. Mets, Bartolo Colon, Citizens Bank Park.

First, Last At-Bat
9/1/04, pinch-hitting for Vicente Padilla vs. Braves, 5th inning, struck out looking, 3-2 pitch from Jaret Wright, Citizens Bank Park. 35,031.

10/3/16, vs. Mets, 8th inning, popped to shortstop, 1st pitch from Jim Henderson, Citizens Bank Park. 36,935.

Scouting Report
Scouting Director Marti Wolever had seen Howard in two games in 2001 at Southwest Missouri State University, the year he was eligible for the draft. His May 29 report: “Large-framed, huge-bodied athlete, similar to Willie Mays Aikens. Low fast ball hitter with above average power from pole to pole. Above average bat speed. Average to slightly above average hands at first base. May have best raw power of 2001 draft. Better as a sophomore and USA last summer. Would gamble on power.”

A couple other scouts also felt he was better as a sophomore. “Draftitis” and putting pressure on himself with multiple scouts following him were the theories. When it came time for the draft, the Phillies picked him in the fifth round, the 140th player selected.

Musical Note
Ryan was a trombone player in the Lafayette High School band in Wildwood, MO.


Ryan Howard, Spring Training 2005

Ryan Howard, Spring Training 2005

Yep, when he made his major league debut as a 24-year-old in 2004, Ryan wore 12 as Doug Glanville was #6. Same for spring training the following year (Miles Kennedy photo). He switched to #6 when he was recalled from the minors in 2005 (May 3) as Glanville was no longer on the club.

Frank Coppenbarger is the Phillies Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services. He assigns the uniform numbers to players. As he has done with #11, 26, 35 and 51, 6 will be put in the freezer, as Franks likes to say. In other words, no one else will wear that number for a few years.

Last Link
During his career Ryan was the Big Piece on five division champions, two National League pennant-winners and a World Champion. He was the last link to that magic 2008 season.

Seniority in the clubhouse now rests with Freddy Galvis, who at 26 years of age has five years of wearing a Phillies uniform, the longest tenure. The torch has been passed.

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