Pete Rose


Have received some inquiries regarding Pete Rose and the Phillies Wall of Fame.  The questions arose after the Cincinnati Reds announced Pete is being inducted into their Hall of Fame this summer.

Being banned from baseball, teams were barred from honoring him.  Last month Commissioner Rob Manfred didn’t lift the ban but stated Pete could be honored. However, the Commissioner needed to approve any such plans.

In early January of every year, a group of Phillies executives meet to review candidates for the Wall of Fame ballot. We are now in the process of finalizing the 12 former Phillies for the ballot.  Pete is not one of the 12.

Fans will again get to vote on during spring training.  Details will be forthcoming. The top five consensus selections by the fans will then be presented to a Special Wall of Fame Selection Committee that will chose the winner.  The committee is composed of Phillies executives, local and national baseball writers, broadcasters and baseball historians. The announcement of the winner will be made in late spring training.

Come next January, the group will meet again to determine the 2017 ballot.  I would imagine Pete’s name will come up for discussion.


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If at some point the Phillies decide to put Pete Rose on the ballot for consideration by the fans, my only hope is that it is done while he is still alive. A posthumous gesture would seem hollow. The same goes for the BBWAA and the HOF.

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