Another Mystery Face

Andersen conehead
OK, who is this? If you guessed Larry Andersen, who are correct.

Coneheadless, if there is such a word, LA will be making another appearance as a guest instructor in spring training before returning to the radio booth. Other Alumni who’ll be guest instructors include Charlie Manuel, Matt Stairs, Dave Hollins, Jim Kaat, Greg Luzinski, Mike Schmidt, Roy Halladay.

Who Will It Be?
New feature story is about anniversary moments tied to 2016. Check ‘em out.

Noticed an interesting pattern in the story.  Ed Delahanty hit four home runs in a game for the Phillies in 1896.  40 years later, Chuck Klein did it.  40 years later, Mike Schmidt did it.  So, 40 years later brings us to 2016.  So, who will hit four in game this season?  Cesar Hernandez?

Phun Facts
Rule 5 draftee OF Tyler Goeddel has an older brother (Erik) who is a relief pitcher with the Mets.  Erik, 27, was a 24th round selection out of UCLA in 2010.  Tyler, 23, was the Rays’ first-round pick in 2011. They have never faced each other.

RHP Mark Appel and Eagles TE Zach Ertz attended the same high school (Monte Visa, Danville, CA) and played their respective sports at Stanford University.

1,979. That’s how many players have worn a Phillies uniform since 1883, the ball club’s first season.  Will someone be #2,000 this season?  Dennis Orlandini, an ardent Phillies follower, alerted us of that possibility.  He also said 1B Earl Torgeson became #1,000 in 1953.

Alphabetically the all-time roster goes from 2B-3B Ed Abbaticcio (1897-1898) to 1B Jon Zuber (1996; 1998). The most common name, Miller, 14 of ‘em. Longest, Al Hollingsworth (LHP, 1938-39)

I’ve taken you through eight chapters of my new book, The Fightin’ Phillies: 100 Years of Philadelphia Baseball from the Whiz Kids to the Misfits. Somehow, I missed Chapter 5. Must have been a senior citizens mental burp. Triumph Books is the publisher of the book which is scheduled for an April 1 unveiling.  Larry Andersen wrote the foreword.

Unbreakable Records is Chapter 5.  It deals with hitting, pitching and defensive records set by Phillies players in a single season, records that will never be broken. Never is a dangerous thing to say but there are a flock of Phillies records that won’t ever be broken.  Here’ one: 2B Emil (Dutch) Verban had 573 plate appearances in 1947 and struck out just eight times. Yep, eight strikeouts.  Not a typo.


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Ed Delahanty, Chuck Klein, Mike Schmidt. Ryan Howard would fit nicely into that succession of names. But I have to admit the first and only name I could come up with before checking the 40-man roster was Maikel Franco.

He’s no longer in the organization, but had he re-signed and made the big club, Willians Astudillo might have given Verban a run for his record. While he was part of the organization, Astudillo struck out 55 times in 1798 plate appearances over 6 years. He had 10 K in 418 PA with the Threshers in 2015 and led the Florida State League with a .314 batting average.

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