5 bags

**Bags are stacking up in the storage room at Bright House Network Field.  Equipment truck will take equipment, personal luggage, golf clubs, bicycles and back to Philly starting Tuesday morning.  Game day equipment will go on Thursday’s team charter.

**Departing this morning were two huge transport trucks carrying vehicles of the players and staff.

**Boarding the 9:30 a.m. bus today for a trip south to Bradenton was RHP Zach Elfin who was acquired in the Jimmy Rollins deal.  He’ll start against the Pirates.  Eflin’s slated to be part of a very promising young rotation at Reading.

**Minor league games at Carpenter Complex this afternoon feature the AAA and AA Phillies against the same for the Yankees.  Tuesday, same organizations but the two games will be Class A teams.

**Phillies final Florida road game is Tuesday, a three-mile journey to Dunedin.

**Final Florida games are Wednesday (Braves) and Thursday (Rays) in Clearwater.

**Sunday morning camp cuts left the Phillies with 36 players: 17 pitchers, three catchers, eight infielders and eight outfielders.  Deadline for filing the 25-man opening day roster is 3 p.m. Sunday.

*With Ben Davis moving from the pre- and post-game shows on Comcast SportsNet to the TV booth, Ricky Bottalico returns to do half of those shows.  Tommy Greene and Marlon Anderson will split the other half.

**Four years ago on March 28, the Sports Illustrated cover featured the Phillies outstanding rotation Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blandon.

Citizens Bank Park
While the Phillies team on the field is getting ready for the season, another team is back north getting Citizens Bank Park ready.

Carolyn DiGiuseppe is the General Manager, Facilities, for Global Spectrum.  She oversees the maintenance of the ballpark.  Her team is busy:

**Electricians are re-lamping sport lights, street lights and parking lot lights.  In addition, work continues on the power hook-up for the metal detectors which are now required at all ballpark entrances.

**Plumbers continue to turn on water which was turned off during the winterization.
**Cleaning staff is everywhere, including cleaning all windows.

**Inspections of elevators and escalators have been completed.

**Ballpark signage repairs are being made.

**Sherwin Williams clock will be refaced this week.

**Ashburn Alley bleachers are being reinstalled.

Phun Fact
100 years ago the Phillies lost their first World Series, 4-1, to the Boston Red Sox.  Because of interleague play, the Phillies and Red Sox are opening the season against each other for the first time a week from today.

Spring Training Memories
Dick Ruthven (RHP, 1973-1975; 1978-1983)
“I was drafted in January of 1973, signed and a few weeks later was in spring training with the major league club in Clearwater.  Dressed in ‘rookie row’, a tiny row of tiny lockers.  My number was 59 or something like that.  Stayed with LC (Larry Christenson) on the beach. I remember the first time we worked out at the complex I saw a pitcher warming up with the name Wallace on the back.  I recognized him right away.  I had played against him in Virginia when I was 11. I liked spring training.  You were spoiled being a pitcher because you got off early when it wasn’t your turn to start and could go golfing, fishing or the beach.  Bull and Boonie would get home about 5 and I had already spent most of the day on the beach.  I wasn’t crazy about the bus rides and being from the west coast, I wasn’t used to the humidity.”




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