Alumni Images

From the lens of Miles Kennedy, the Phillies talented photographer:

2015 st alumni day

Panoramic view of Saturday’s Alumni Day at Bright House Field.

2015 st daultonbowa

Daulton and Bowa hug, two greatest Phillies to wear #10.


“You’re outtta here!” Looks as if retired umpire Jerry Crawford has ejected Larry Andersen.

Oh, No
“The skipper wants to see you.”

That’s basically the message one of the Phillies coaches delivers to a player when cutting the camp squad.  C Tommy Joseph was the last player to get that message on Saturday, leaving the camp with 44 players.  Limit is 25 by opening day in two weeks.

Phil Ins
3B Maikel Franco had six singles before being optioned to Carpenter Complex on Friday.  He homered in his first game there on Saturday for AAA club.

SS J.P. Crawford hit his first homer yesterday for AA club.

Phillies face Braves in Disney World, 1 p.m. Tuesday, ESPN TV.  Busses at 8 a.m.

Young pitching prospects are being brought over from Carpenter Complex this week.  Severino Gonzalez will start Tuesday against the Braves and Aaron Nola, Friday vs. Yankees at Bright House Field.

Two Phillies and Pirates Class A clubs will have games at 1 tomorrow afternoon at Carpenter Complex.  Free admission.  Aaron Harang will pitch one of the games.

Sunday’s Best Tweet @FranzkeLA
Franzke: “He speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.”
LA: “I get those in my olives.”

Spring Training Fun Fact
Pat Burrell had the last hit at Veterans Stadium and the last spring training hit at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium.

Spring Training Memories
Brandon Duckworth (RHP, 2001-2003)
“It would have been 1998 at Carpenter Field.  Stayed at the Hampton Inn and roomed with Ryan Branyan.  Have no idea what was my uniform number.  I was really excited that first day, knowing that pro ball had finally arrived.  I knew nobody but was looking forward to the challenge.  Always glad to get to spring training and get out of the cold weather.  Anxious to seeing teammates again and meeting new teammates.  What didn’t I like?  Well, in the big league camp, you were on the bottom of the totem pole as a rookie.  So, you got to take all the 3-hour bus rides.  Often, I never got in a game.”




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