Quiet Day


Phillies clubhouse at Bright House Field is quiet today as it is a day off.  Back in action 7 p.m. Thursday in Tampa (Yankees), a game on ESPN TV. Buses leave at 3 p.m. Friday a short trip south to Bradenton (Pirates, 9:30 a.m. buses) and back home on Saturday, Alumni Day against the Blue Jays. Gate opens at 10:30 a.m.

While the players are off, Ruben will be holding his weekly conference call from the third level conference room with his pro scouts in Clearwater and other camps in Florida and Arizona.

More details about Alumni Day on Thursday.

Flyers great goalie, Bernie Parent, attended Tuesday’s game at Bright House.

Darin Ruf spent Tuesday at Carpenter Complex hitting for two teams.  Was 3-8 with 2 RBI.  Idea was to get him some at-bats.

Four minor league teams played their first games on Tuesday.  Aaron Nola, 2 innings, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts. Tom Windle, 2 innings, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts.  Matt Imhof, 2 innings, 4 strikeouts.  They were the pitching stars.

Phillies and Pirates will have two Class A games at Carpenter this afternoon.  AAA and AA are at the Pirates.  Thursday is a camp day. Friday, AAA and AA squads against the Blue Jays. 1 p.m.  Free admission.

Spring Training Phun Fact
The Yankees won the last spring training game in the history of Jack Russell Memorial Stadium, 2-0, on March 28, 2003.

Spring Training Memories

Denny Doyle (2B, 1970-1973)
“First year, 1967; stayed at a hotel near the complex but can’t remember the name.  Del Wilber Jr. was my roommate. Wore #51. Was excited and in awe of so many players. Didn’t know if I would make it. Had something like 37-38 errors (second base) at Spartanburg the year before.  The second day Paul Owens tossed a first baseman’s glove in my locker. ‘You have to learn to use leather if you want to make it’ he said. All spring he hit ground balls to me using that glove. It really helped me.

“Couple years later I was in the big league camp but I was late reporting because I was coaching a high school basketball team back home.  Walked on the field and Gene Mauch came up to me, ‘How did that bleeping basketball team do? Get out there (pointing to second base).’  He had me chasing ground balls all over the place.  Later, we were playing the Tigers and Mickey Lolich, a lefty, was pitching. Being a left-handed hitter, I figured I’m sitting today.  Mauch glared at me at the far end of the dugout, crossed Taylor’s name from the line-up card, walked toward me, ‘You’re in there.’ Lolich found my bat three times, two singles and a double. I wound being the last cut anyway, sent to AAA in Eugene, OR.   I always liked spring training, nothing I didn’t like.”







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