March 2015

April 1 Already

Hard to believe Wednesday is April 1.  No foolin’. April means baseball is back and income tax is due.  The beauty and the beast.

For the Phillies, April 1 is the second-last Clearwater game with the Braves coming to town. The Rays on Thursday, April 2, and then “outta here”.

Pirates mauled the Phillies on Monday in Bradenton and both benches emptied but no punches were thrown.  This Friday and Saturday the two teams meet in the On Deck Series at Citizens Bank Park.  Will bad blood continue?

Spring Training Awards
Before Wednesday’s game, the Phillies will present three annual awards:

**Bill Giles, for player in minor league camp that stood out, catcher Andrew Knapp.

**Larry Rojas, for the most impressive Hispanic player in the minor league camp, infielder Grenny Cumana.

**John Vukovich, for a member of the instructional staff that demonstrates loyalty, dedication, competitiveness, knowledge and terrific work ethic, Steve Schrenk, a former pitcher who has been a member of the Phillies instructional staff since 2004.

Monday’s Best Tweet
From Todd Zolecki: “PSA: Phillies fans driving to Bradenton this morning. Lots of speed traps on the way, especially on 41 South.”

On The Air
For the second straight day, new voices are broadcasting today’s Phillies game on the internet as LA and Franzke have returned to Philly.

The voices are Jon Schaeffer, Director of New Media and a broadcaster for the Iron Pigs, and Kirsten Karbach who is entering her third year as the broadcaster for the Clearwater Threshers.

What’s New?
Phillies are hosting a What’s New at the Ballpark Preview party for the media and some season ticket holders today in the Hall of Fame Club to reveal what’s new at Citizens Bank Park for 2015.  Heard a new burger is on board.

LA and Franzke are the hosts, two party animals.

Happy Retirement
To Dan Goroff, who began working for the Phillies in 1987 and worked his way up to the Director of the Ticket Department, who is retiring after today.  Berks County’s gift to the Phillies was a loyal and dedicated employee who spent the first half of every home game in his office watching on TV before getting to see the final innings in the Executive Suite on the Press Box Level.

Claims he’s going to polish his golf game which currently is more fitting for the comedy channel than the golf channel.  Well, that’s what I’ve heard.

Spring Training Phun Fact
Twenty years ago in spring training Richie Ashburn received the long-awaited call that he was going into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Spring Training Memories
Bobby Shantz (LHP, 1964)
“Geez, that was a long time ago.  I signed in 1948 and was sent to Lincoln, NE, where I won 18 games.  So my first camp was the next year and it was the big league camp.  The A’s trained in West Palm Beach.  We stayed in a hotel in downtown and ate there too.  My roommate was Alex Kellner. Next year I was married and we rented a small house.  My first uniform number was 30 and that’s what I wore all of my six years with the A’s. Met Mr. Mack (manager Connie Mack) that spring.  He was quiet and I don’t remember him talking to me very much.  I always loved spring training.  Heck, it got us out of the crappy winter weather in the north into sunshine in Florida.  Spring training then meant getting in shape, although Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, Curt Simmons, Stan Lopata, and I worked out all winter in Conshohocken. There was nothing I disliked about spring training.”

Lens Gem

Moran Circle-L

Rookie manager Pat Moran led the Phillies to their first National League pennant in 1915 finishing seven games ahead of the defending World Champion Boston Braves. The 39-year-old former catcher was baseball’s first manager since the turn of the century to win a championship without prior experience.  Photo: Bob Warrington collection.


5 bags

**Bags are stacking up in the storage room at Bright House Network Field.  Equipment truck will take equipment, personal luggage, golf clubs, bicycles and back to Philly starting Tuesday morning.  Game day equipment will go on Thursday’s team charter.

**Departing this morning were two huge transport trucks carrying vehicles of the players and staff.

**Boarding the 9:30 a.m. bus today for a trip south to Bradenton was RHP Zach Elfin who was acquired in the Jimmy Rollins deal.  He’ll start against the Pirates.  Eflin’s slated to be part of a very promising young rotation at Reading.

**Minor league games at Carpenter Complex this afternoon feature the AAA and AA Phillies against the same for the Yankees.  Tuesday, same organizations but the two games will be Class A teams.

**Phillies final Florida road game is Tuesday, a three-mile journey to Dunedin.

**Final Florida games are Wednesday (Braves) and Thursday (Rays) in Clearwater.

**Sunday morning camp cuts left the Phillies with 36 players: 17 pitchers, three catchers, eight infielders and eight outfielders.  Deadline for filing the 25-man opening day roster is 3 p.m. Sunday.

*With Ben Davis moving from the pre- and post-game shows on Comcast SportsNet to the TV booth, Ricky Bottalico returns to do half of those shows.  Tommy Greene and Marlon Anderson will split the other half.

**Four years ago on March 28, the Sports Illustrated cover featured the Phillies outstanding rotation Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels and Joe Blandon.

Citizens Bank Park
While the Phillies team on the field is getting ready for the season, another team is back north getting Citizens Bank Park ready.

Carolyn DiGiuseppe is the General Manager, Facilities, for Global Spectrum.  She oversees the maintenance of the ballpark.  Her team is busy:

**Electricians are re-lamping sport lights, street lights and parking lot lights.  In addition, work continues on the power hook-up for the metal detectors which are now required at all ballpark entrances.

**Plumbers continue to turn on water which was turned off during the winterization.
**Cleaning staff is everywhere, including cleaning all windows.

**Inspections of elevators and escalators have been completed.

**Ballpark signage repairs are being made.

**Sherwin Williams clock will be refaced this week.

**Ashburn Alley bleachers are being reinstalled.

Phun Fact
100 years ago the Phillies lost their first World Series, 4-1, to the Boston Red Sox.  Because of interleague play, the Phillies and Red Sox are opening the season against each other for the first time a week from today.

Spring Training Memories
Dick Ruthven (RHP, 1973-1975; 1978-1983)
“I was drafted in January of 1973, signed and a few weeks later was in spring training with the major league club in Clearwater.  Dressed in ‘rookie row’, a tiny row of tiny lockers.  My number was 59 or something like that.  Stayed with LC (Larry Christenson) on the beach. I remember the first time we worked out at the complex I saw a pitcher warming up with the name Wallace on the back.  I recognized him right away.  I had played against him in Virginia when I was 11. I liked spring training.  You were spoiled being a pitcher because you got off early when it wasn’t your turn to start and could go golfing, fishing or the beach.  Bull and Boonie would get home about 5 and I had already spent most of the day on the beach.  I wasn’t crazy about the bus rides and being from the west coast, I wasn’t used to the humidity.”




Camp Notes

Minor league camp number increased to 153 when INF Chase d’Arnaud and OF Darin Mastroianni were reassigned to the Carpenter Complex after Wednesday’s game.  That leaves 42 players in the major league camp with seven more games in Florida after today.

Games continue daily at Carpenter Complex through April 3. Two games every day at 1 p.m. with the exception of this Saturday when games begin at 10 a.m. Staff then meets to begin assigning players to four minor league teams and probably cut some players. Lehigh Valley, Reading and Lakewood fly north on April 4.  Clearwater Threshers walk 400 feet from the complex to their clubhouse at Bright House Field that same day. Players that don’t make those four rosters will remain at Carpenter Complex in extended spring training. SS J.P. Crawford is sidelined for 4-6 weeks with an oblique strain.

Phillies will fly north after the Thursday, April 2, game to face the Pirates in the annual On Deck Series.  Those games at Citizens Bank Park are Friday, April 3 (7:05 p.m.) and Saturday, April 4 (1:05 p.m.).

MLB Network with Harold Reynolds will be in camp on Friday for interviews.

WIP’s Josh Innes and Tony Brown will be on the air live from the Tiki Bar Friday at 1 p.m., which is game time against the Yankees.

Saturday is a long bus ride south to Naples for a game with the Twins.  Long as in 2 hours, 45 minutes.  Back home Sunday afternoon against the Tigers.  Then in Bradenton vs. the Pirates on Monday.

Ballpark Scene

5 bullpen
This is the view of the Phillies bullpen at Bright House Field.  It is the top level of a two-tiered bullpen.

Home plate looks as if it ground but it isn’t.  Rather it is artificial turf that looks like ground.  The two mounds at the far end are made of ground and clay. Green grass is real.  Twelve high, patio-like chairs are available for each team. Six red umbrellas, sponsored by Budwiser, provide some shade.

One person, security’s Rand Stollmack, is in charge of the bullpen.  His day for a game day begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends about 30 minutes after the last out.  Most game day employees receive a break, which allows for some food or beverages.  Rand doesn’t get a break.  How about lunch?  Pointing to a small blue cooler, “I bring my own lunch.”  Today’s menu? “Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Spring Training Phun Fact
The Carpenter Complex clubhouse was named the Paul Owens Training Facility in 2012 in honor of the man whose vision led to the building of the complex which opened in 1967.

Spring Training Memories
Brett Myers (RHP, 2002-2009)
“First minor league camp was 15 years ago at Carpenter Field.  Stayed in the Econ-O-Lodge and roomed with Russ Jacobson, a catcher.  My memory of my first day was like the first day of school, excited and nervous. Minor league spring training wasn’t the easiest work days back then so there wasn’t much to like about it. You spend all day at the field. When games started we had to do pitching charts and the radar gun and sometimes didn’t get home until 6 p.m. and then had to wake up and do it all over again. It was Groundhog Day. I guess the best thing was when it was over and the season started. Big league spring training was fun because it was like a mini-vacation for our families. The days weren’t as long and we were able to spend time with teammates and our families. Loved when the regular season games started, especially the home games.  The support we got from fans in Philly made every season feel like it was going to be a winning one.”

9 More Days

Back on February 9, Frank Coppenbarger, Director Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, circulated an e-mail that the equipment truck would leave for Clearwater on February 13.  That was a signal that spring training was right around the corner.

Well, he e-mailed again on Monday:  “The equipment truck to Citizens Bank Park will leave on Tuesday, March 31.”  That’s a signal that the season is right around the corner.

Nine more days in Florida.

Panama Club
OF Adolfo Phillips, RHP Humberto Robinson, LHP Bruce Chen, and C Carlos Ruiz are Panamanians that have played for the Phillies.  22-year-old right-hander Severino Gonzalez will be #5 when he makes it to the majors. He handled himself well on Monday, three scoreless innings against the Braves, four hits, no walks, two strikeouts. He’s scheduled to pitch at Lehigh Valley this season.

RHP Aaron Harang stayed back in Clearwater on Monday to pitch in a minor league game at Carpenter Complex.  He threw 75 pitches during a five-inning outing in which he gave up six hits, three runs.

RHP Chad Billingsley will pitch in a minor league game at Carpenter on Thursday.  Phillies Class AAA and AA teams will be playing the same levels from the Yankees at Carpenter Complex at 1 p.m. There is no admission charge.

Or, you can drive to Dunedin where the Phillies play the Blue Jays tomorrow.

Spring Training Phun Fact
Phillies defeated New York Yankees, 5-1, in first game played at Bright House Network Field, March 4, 2004. SS Jimmy Rollins hit the first home run.

Spring Training Memories
Tom McCarthy (Broadcaster, 2001-2005; 2007-)
“I remember my first big league spring training like it was yesterday. It was 2001. I had no idea of where I was going or where I was staying. I wound up staying at the old Adams Mark on Clearwater Beach. That night I watched the sunset for first time and thinking it was the most spectacular thing I have ever a seen.
“I had this oversized recorder that was the width and length of a school notebook binder to do a feature segments of the radio pre-game show called, ‘Growing Up With Baseball’. My first interview was with Larry Bowa. When I was done, he thanked me and welcomed me aboard. He said: ‘Thanks Mac, let me know if you need anything.’
“I must have done six features that day. I didn’t want anyone to think I was there fooling around. And, I thought it was the greatest thing to hang in the press box that day with Wheels, Harry, LA and Scott (Graham). I was part of their team and they made me feel so welcome.”

Ballpark Scene

5 caps
Need a Phillies cap?  All kinds of varieties, sizes and colors are available at Bright House Field.

Rookie to Disney

Third basemen past and present chat around the batting cage.

Off To Disney
Severino Gonzalez, a 22-year-old Panamanian right-handed pitcher, climbed aboard the Phillies 8 a.m. bus this morning.  Destination: Disney World.  No, he’s not going vacationing.  The Braves hold spring training there and Gonzalez is starting for the Phillies.  Aaron Harang, today’s scheduled starter, remained in Clearwater to get his work in a Class A minor league game at Carpenter Complex this afternoon. So, Gonzalez made the trip and will be pitching on ESPN TV.

On Friday, another pitcher from Carpenter Complex will be on the mound for the Phillies (the Yankees at Bright House Field).  Say hello to 21-year-old Aaron Nola, last year’s #1 selection in the draft.

A look to the future.

Five Phillies are out of options meaning they need to clear waivers before they can be sent back to the minors: Cesar Hernandez, Freddy Galvis, Justin De Fratus, Andy Oliver and Phillippe Aumont.  Galvis and De Fratus are sure shots to make the club.  Oliver is a rule 5 selection.

Something like 135 players are out of options throughout baseball camps this spring.

My 2 Cents
Media opinions on trading Cole are all over the place.

We are wrong for not trading him earlier.  We should trade him now before he gets hurt.  We should wait until the trading deadline to deal him.  We should lower our demands. We should stick to our demands. We should pay a portion of his salary.

If a trade does happen, I suppose we will be wrong for not getting a better deal.

Spring Training Phun Fact
ICYMI: Molitor and Sandberg yesterday became the first Hall of Famers to manage against each other on the major league level.  They threw out the first ball in tandem. The ball from the first pitch of the game was signed by both and is on its way to Cooperstown.

Spring Training Memories
Scott Franzke (Broadcaster 2006-)
“My first spring training memory came during my junior year at SMU.  Two buddies and I decided to make spring training our spring break so we started driving from Dallas to Florida after the last class on Friday.  We were non-stop with three of us taking turns. We got to Winter Haven where the Red Sox trained. The game was sold out so we wound up buying standing room. We spent two-three days in Florida, staying in the cheapest motels we could find and then drove back to Dallas.

“As far as my first big league camp, 2002 with the Rangers, their last spring in Port Charlotte.  I did the pre- and post-game show on KRLD radio and was a fill-in play-by-play announcer.  My first broadcast ever was the Phillies and Rangers.  Vincente Padilla started for the Phillies.

“What do I like about spring training?  Since living in Philadelphia, the warm weather is definitely appealing.  What don’t I like? This may sound strange, Clearwater Beach traffic.”

100 Years Ago

Orange Grove Fun
Phillies players would often sneak away from spring training in Coffee Pot Park to the orange groves to supplement their meager lunches. Bert Adams, George Chalmers and Oscar Dugey are having fun in one of the groves. Photo: Bob Warrington collection.


Alumni Images

From the lens of Miles Kennedy, the Phillies talented photographer:

2015 st alumni day

Panoramic view of Saturday’s Alumni Day at Bright House Field.

2015 st daultonbowa

Daulton and Bowa hug, two greatest Phillies to wear #10.


“You’re outtta here!” Looks as if retired umpire Jerry Crawford has ejected Larry Andersen.

Oh, No
“The skipper wants to see you.”

That’s basically the message one of the Phillies coaches delivers to a player when cutting the camp squad.  C Tommy Joseph was the last player to get that message on Saturday, leaving the camp with 44 players.  Limit is 25 by opening day in two weeks.

Phil Ins
3B Maikel Franco had six singles before being optioned to Carpenter Complex on Friday.  He homered in his first game there on Saturday for AAA club.

SS J.P. Crawford hit his first homer yesterday for AA club.

Phillies face Braves in Disney World, 1 p.m. Tuesday, ESPN TV.  Busses at 8 a.m.

Young pitching prospects are being brought over from Carpenter Complex this week.  Severino Gonzalez will start Tuesday against the Braves and Aaron Nola, Friday vs. Yankees at Bright House Field.

Two Phillies and Pirates Class A clubs will have games at 1 tomorrow afternoon at Carpenter Complex.  Free admission.  Aaron Harang will pitch one of the games.

Sunday’s Best Tweet @FranzkeLA
Franzke: “He speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.”
LA: “I get those in my olives.”

Spring Training Fun Fact
Pat Burrell had the last hit at Veterans Stadium and the last spring training hit at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium.

Spring Training Memories
Brandon Duckworth (RHP, 2001-2003)
“It would have been 1998 at Carpenter Field.  Stayed at the Hampton Inn and roomed with Ryan Branyan.  Have no idea what was my uniform number.  I was really excited that first day, knowing that pro ball had finally arrived.  I knew nobody but was looking forward to the challenge.  Always glad to get to spring training and get out of the cold weather.  Anxious to seeing teammates again and meeting new teammates.  What didn’t I like?  Well, in the big league camp, you were on the bottom of the totem pole as a rookie.  So, you got to take all the 3-hour bus rides.  Often, I never got in a game.”




Alumni Day


Alumni Day, a new idea in spring training a year ago, is back for a second run.  This Saturday many former Phillies players will be at Bright House Field, a 1:05 p.m. game against the Toronto Blue Jays, who just signed 38-year-old Randy Wolf.  No, Randy won’t be at Alumni Day.

Gates open at 10:30 a.m.  Some of the Alumni will swing into action at 11:30 a.m. until 12:15 p.m.  There will be multiple autograph stations and greeters at the west gate entrances.  Don’t be surprised if an Alumnus driving a golf cart shows up to pick up fans from the parking lot and drive them to the ballpark. That’s in the plans unless the Alumni driver gets lost.

At 12:45 p.m. over 40 Alumni will be introduced on the field, including those former players currently in uniform in the big league and minor league camps.  That group will not appear at autograph stations because of their daily workout schedule.

There’ll be a few more surprises before and during the game.

Please be aware the list of names is subject to change.

2015 Alumni Day Roster
Dallas Green, Charlie Manuel

Billy DeMars, Carlos Arroyo, Roly deArmas

Larry Andersen, Chris Brock, Don Carman, Brandon Duckworth, Scott Eyre, Paul Fletcher, Aaron Fultz, Tom Gordon, Dave LaPoint, Dickie Noles, Robert Person, Shane Rawley, Steve Schrenk, Rich Surhoff

Darren Daulton, Mike Compton, Bill Nahorodny

Larry Bowa, Dick Allen, Dave Cash, Juan Samuel, Ron Clark, Ivan DeJesus, Denny Doyle, Pedro Feliz, Greg Legg, Pete Mackanin, Mickey Morandini, Tomas Perez, Desi Relaford, Ryne Sandberg, Andy Tracy

Greg Luzinski, Rob Ducey, Tony Longmire, Gary Matthews, Jason Michaels, John Morris, Matt Stairs

Jerry Crawford, Philadelphia native who’s retired and living in St. Petersburg.

Bill Giles
Lee Thomas


Quiet Day


Phillies clubhouse at Bright House Field is quiet today as it is a day off.  Back in action 7 p.m. Thursday in Tampa (Yankees), a game on ESPN TV. Buses leave at 3 p.m. Friday a short trip south to Bradenton (Pirates, 9:30 a.m. buses) and back home on Saturday, Alumni Day against the Blue Jays. Gate opens at 10:30 a.m.

While the players are off, Ruben will be holding his weekly conference call from the third level conference room with his pro scouts in Clearwater and other camps in Florida and Arizona.

More details about Alumni Day on Thursday.

Flyers great goalie, Bernie Parent, attended Tuesday’s game at Bright House.

Darin Ruf spent Tuesday at Carpenter Complex hitting for two teams.  Was 3-8 with 2 RBI.  Idea was to get him some at-bats.

Four minor league teams played their first games on Tuesday.  Aaron Nola, 2 innings, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts. Tom Windle, 2 innings, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts.  Matt Imhof, 2 innings, 4 strikeouts.  They were the pitching stars.

Phillies and Pirates will have two Class A games at Carpenter this afternoon.  AAA and AA are at the Pirates.  Thursday is a camp day. Friday, AAA and AA squads against the Blue Jays. 1 p.m.  Free admission.

Spring Training Phun Fact
The Yankees won the last spring training game in the history of Jack Russell Memorial Stadium, 2-0, on March 28, 2003.

Spring Training Memories

Denny Doyle (2B, 1970-1973)
“First year, 1967; stayed at a hotel near the complex but can’t remember the name.  Del Wilber Jr. was my roommate. Wore #51. Was excited and in awe of so many players. Didn’t know if I would make it. Had something like 37-38 errors (second base) at Spartanburg the year before.  The second day Paul Owens tossed a first baseman’s glove in my locker. ‘You have to learn to use leather if you want to make it’ he said. All spring he hit ground balls to me using that glove. It really helped me.

“Couple years later I was in the big league camp but I was late reporting because I was coaching a high school basketball team back home.  Walked on the field and Gene Mauch came up to me, ‘How did that bleeping basketball team do? Get out there (pointing to second base).’  He had me chasing ground balls all over the place.  Later, we were playing the Tigers and Mickey Lolich, a lefty, was pitching. Being a left-handed hitter, I figured I’m sitting today.  Mauch glared at me at the far end of the dugout, crossed Taylor’s name from the line-up card, walked toward me, ‘You’re in there.’ Lolich found my bat three times, two singles and a double. I wound being the last cut anyway, sent to AAA in Eugene, OR.   I always liked spring training, nothing I didn’t like.”







Down to 50


Seven players departed the big league camp before Monday’s game, LHP Jesse Biddle, RHP Ethan Martin, LHP Adam Morgan, OF Aaron Altherr were optioned to Carpenter Complex. Non-roster players, RHP Sean O’Sullivan and C John Hester, were reassigned to Carpenter. One was released, OF Xavier Paul.  After the game, RHPs Mike Nesseth and Seth Rosin were reassigned to Carpenter. And, Cliff Lee was placed on the 60-day disabled list.

That leaves 50 players still in camp, including 15 non-roster invitees.  Breakdown: 24 pitchers, 5 catchers, 12 infielders and 9 outfielders. 25-man opening day roster is due Sunday afternoon, April 5.

Major League Baseball Security met with the minor league camp at 7:45 this morning and then the big leaguers at 8:30.

Wednesday is a day off. Thursday is a 7:05 p.m. game against the Yankees in Tampa, ESPN TV.  Phillies radio with Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen. And, as always audio and TV can be found on

Carpenter Complex will feature two Class A games on Wednesday afternoon (1 o’clock) against the Pirates.  Camp day on Thursday, meaning just a workout.

When OF Brian Bogusevic hit two home runs Saturday in Lakeland, he became the first Phillies player to hit a pair in spring training since Chase Utley, March 23, 2013, against the Orioles in Sarasota.

This Date
March 17, 1915: Phillies beat the Havana Reds, 4-1, in an exhibition game in St. Petersburg, FL.  Havana’s roster consisted of stars from the Cuban League. In seven games against the Reds, the Phillies won six and tied once.

Spring Training Phun Fact
Chris Wheeler is in his 44th year of being the Phillies public address announcer in spring training.  He was an emergency fill-in when the PA announcer didn’t show way back in 1972 at Jack Russell Stadium. Wheels hasn’t missed a spring since.

Spring Training Memories
Rheal Cormier (LHP, 2001-2006)
“My first minor league camp was in 1989 with the Cardinals in St Petersburg. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn on 4th Street. My roommate was Bob Tewksbury. I didn’t know anybody in camp but Mike Fiore. He was on Team USA in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, while I was on Team Canada. I remember none of the Class A managers wanted me but Dave Bialis, St. Petersburg manager, took a chance on me. I enjoyed spring training and getting reacquainted with friends from the previous season, a chance to move up the ladder and leave the cold winters in New Brunswick, Canada. I felt spring training was too long.  Plus, it was kind of a disappointment seeking some guys out of shape. I never took anything for granted my whole career and always focused on being in the best shape possible every year.”

Ballpark Scene
When the Bright House Field gates are opened at 10:30 a.m., fans can find the starting lineups posted behind home plate.

5 lineups


Green Tomorrow

After a W and L on Sunday, one of those split-squad days, it is back to one game Monday and Tuesday and the lone day off of spring training on Wednesday.  Pirates in town today, Rays tomorrow. Cole is pitching today bringing out a flock of scouts.

Continuing a tradition started in the late 1970s by the late Tug McGraw, Phillies will wear green jerseys on Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day.

5 green

144 minor league players are now playing four games a day, two every day at Carpenter Complex.  Wednesday is a camp day so there won’t be any Phillies games that day at all.  But, fans can still watch the workouts that start at 10 in the morning.

115 Fans had brunch this morning at Bright House Field as part of Spring Training USA. Scott Palmer was the MC.

Wes Whittington, a Phillies game-day employee for 50 years back in Philly, will be honored pre-game today.

Susan Ingersoll-Papaneri (Director, Baseball Administration) met with minor league players early this morning to review their medical insurance programs.

Alumni Notes
Larry Christenson and Rex Hudler were camp visitors on Sunday.  LC is in Tampa for business. Rex is a TV commentator for the Royals in Arizona but they do only two spring training telecasts so he came east with two of his sons.

Still awaiting more RSVP’s for Saturday’s Alumni Day.  Gates open at 10:30.  Several Alumni will sign autographs from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.  All Alums will be introduced on the field starting a 12:45 p.m.  Blue Jays are at Bright House Field that day.

Birthdays today: INF Abraham Nunez (39) and RHP Charles Hudson (56).

100 Years Ago
A rookie manager named Pat Moran led the Phillies to their first pennant.  You can read all about Moran at

Phun Fact
Dick Allen set a Phillies spring training record with 9 home runs in 1964.  Ryan Howard broke the record in 2006 with 11.

Spring Training Memories
Doug Clemens (OF, 1966-1968)
“Having signed with the Cardinals in August 1960 and going to the big leagues the next month, my first spring training actually started at the major league level for a few weeks the following spring in St. Petersburg. I was starry-eyed being on the same field with the likes of Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Kenny Boyer, Bill White, Curt Flood.  Stayed at a motel and roomed with Tim McCarver.  I was sent down to the Cardinals’ minor league camp in Homestead, FL, after two-three weeks.

“My first day memory was just seeing this amazing sight of ball fields littered with what seemed like hundreds of players. A sight I’ll never forget!  There were instructors and coaches with megaphones, yelling and screaming as we were assembled on different fields by team.  What I didn’t like about spring training was that regardless of how hard you tried to be in good condition for spring training, it didn’t seem to work. Working indoors in the north could not match the outdoor surroundings and physical activities presented at spring training. Getting in shape that first spring resulted in numerous aches and pains along the way.”

Ballpark Scene
Yep, Bull’s BBQ has made it south from Citizens Bank Park to Bright House Field. Menu here is a bit more limited.  Unlike Philly, Bull is not there to sign autographs although he will be among the Alumni signing on Saturday.

5 bbq


Jesse Biddle, Adam Morgan, Ethan Martin, John Hester, Sean O’Sullivan and Aaron Altherr were assigned to Carpenter Complex this morning. OF Xavier Paul was released.