Day 1

Introductions and speeches are out of the so it’s to the fields for everyone in Day 1 of spring training.  Officially.  A week from today and the games begin.  Six weeks from today and it’s baseball for real.

five catchers

Catchers have their work cut out for them.  Daily they are needed to warm up pitchers.  Then, there’s catching batting practice.  Eventually, Grapefruit League games.  Plus dragging around a large equipment bag filled with their gear.  If you can catch and throw, your chances at a lengthy big league career are enhanced. But, you have to be willing to work.

Alumni Birthdays
Wednesday : 1B-OF Danny Cater (75) . . . Thursday: RHP Scott Service (48) . . . Friday: RHP Cliff Politte (48), OF Matt Stairs (47), C-!B John Wockenfuss (66) . . . Sunday: LHP Omar Daal (43) . . . Tuesday: OF Ron Gant (50), SS Chico Fernandez (83).

This Date
February 25, 1972: Phillies GM John Quinn pulled off his last trade, sending Rick Wise to the Cardinals for Steve Carlton.

Pace of Game
MLB has made some changes to speed up the pace of game.  The pace helps dictate the length of games.

Here’s a drastic idea: remove time of game from box scores. Baseball isn’t played by a clock so why should it be clocked.  Length of games isn’t an issue in the NBA, NFL, NHL or Senior Citizens bingo.

Phun Fact
Dallas Green is in his 60th year in pro ball.  He recounted his first spring training ever, 1956:

“Bob Conley, Don Cardwell, Chris Short and I were invited to a mini-camp before the big league camp opened in Clearwater. Short and I rode the train from Wilmington, Delaware. We stayed at the West Coast Hotel, three to a room. We weren’t allowed to have cars so we walked everywhere. We were kept around to throw BP TO Hamner, Jones, Ennis, Ashburn and those guys. We were young, wild, could throw hard and we were trying to impress everyone. The vets hated us, didn’t want to face us.

“Later, I was sent to Bennettsville, SC, where the Phillies low minor league players trained. I wore No. 177 or 176.”

Over the course of the last year, Phillies Insider has had one view each from Norway, Libya, Cambodia, Tajikista, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Slovenia, Colombia, Madagascar, Argentina, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Virgin Islands, Pakistan, Algeria, Guam, Jamaica, Montenegro, Morocco, Estonia.

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