Chase Longest Tenured


For 1,187 games, Jimmy Rollins was at shortstop for the Phillies and Chase Utley was stationed on the other side of second base.  No other SS-2B combo ever played that many games together.  Two kids from California became household names in Philadelphia.

They were part of the core that brought five straight Division titles, two pennants, back-to-back World Series appearances and one World Championship.  It goes down as the greatest run in Phillies history.

Dismantling of the core began with the trade of Rollins to the Dodgers.  Rollins was the longest-tenured player in baseball, 14-plus seasons in pinstripes. With his departure, Utley assumes that position, parts of 12 seasons.

The torch for most games with another teammate has been passed on to Ryan Howard and Chase.  They’ve started 1,078 games on the right side of the diamond.  No one else can currently match that.


Howard, Utley and Rollins started 910 regular season games together, the most in baseball history. The previous record (886 G) was held by the Dodgers’ Steve Garvey (1B), Davey Lopes (2B) and Bill Russell (SS).

Position players work out first time in Clearwater on February 24.  It is well documented, the Phillies continue to look to move more veterans as they rebuild, retool, restructure….whatever you want to call it.  Perhaps Chase and Ryan will no longer be side-by-side when the season starts.  Perhaps they will be.

Entire Careers
Stan Musial was a Cardinal, Ernie Banks a Cub, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio, Yankees.  More recently, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera played their entire careers with the Yankees.

With free agency, the odds of players staying with one team their entire careers is diminishing.

In the history of the Phillies there are four players with double-digit years of not wearing any other uniform: 3B Mike Schmidt, 18; RHP Larry Christenson, 11; INF Terry Harmon and RHP Bob Miller, 10 each.  Jimmy, Chase and Ryan were in the mix.  Now only Chase and Ryan have a chance.


I think you mean February 24 and Mariano Rivera 🙂

He’s got that 93 team forever engrained in his mind, I bet. Can’t blame him 🙂

Mariano Duncan played his entire career with the Yankees? (Other than the years he played for the Phillies and several other teams)

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. Always appreciative.

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