LA’s Shallow Thoughts


Larry Andersen is a five-tool talent: big-league relief pitcher, member of two Phillies pennant winners, one-time minor league coach, currently a Phillies broadcaster and master of shallow thoughts.


Looking at this image from spring training 22 years ago in Clearwater’s Jack Russell Memorial Stadium one can only wonder what he’s doing:

**auditioning as a juggler for the circus.

**getting a feel which baseball has the right feel.

**occupational therapy homework in an effort to be better coordinated.

**trying to get on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

**showing off for pitching coach Johnny Podres.

Sitting in a bullpen for 17 years in the majors gave “LA” plenty of time for creative thinking.  Here are his latest shallow thoughts.

What is the speed of dark?

Why does sour cream have an expiration date?
If it’s a penny for your thoughts, why does everyone put their two cents in?
If the plural of tooth is teeth, is the plural of booth, beeth?
What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?
Why is chili hot?
If a cab drives in reverse, shouldn’t I get money back?
If a visiting player hits it, why is it still called a HOME run?
If I go 1 for 1 I’m batting 1.000, so if I go 2 for 2 am I batting 2.000?
If a guy is a good fastball hitter, should I throw him a bad fastball?
Continuing the theme of being different, came across the following quotes:

“Hitting is timing.  Pitching is upsetting timing,” Warren Spahn.

“Baseball is a drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast,” Joe Garagiola.

“Baseball ain’t like football.  You can’t make up no trick plays,” Yogi Berra.

“Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice-versa,” Casey Stengel.

“The catcher is padded like an armchair,” London Times.

Change At The Top
Since the Carpenter family purchased the Phillies after the 1943 season, there have been five presidents of the ball club.

Yesterday the Phillies announced that President and CEO David Montgomery is returning from a medical leave of absence and assuming a new role as the Chairman, Bill Giles is now Chairman Emeritus, and Pat Gillick will continue his current position as President.

Three other presidents since 1943 were Bob Carpenter, Ruly Carpenter and Giles. That’s amazing stability at the top.  Other Philadelphia sports franchises can’t come close.

David’s legacy is a pretty impressive one: five division titles, two World Series appearances, a World Championship and two new ballparks, Citizens Bank Park and Bright House Field.

Everyone in the organization is looking forward to having David around daily.



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