Rule 5 Draft

Annual Rule 5 draft will take place on Thursday morning, the final day of the winter meetings. Phillies roster is at 38, two under the 40-man limit for the off-season.  Look for the Phillies to make one or two selections on Thursday.

Over the years the Phillies have had success in this draft.  Among those who made an impact are C Clay Dalrymple (drafted in 1959), RHP Jack Baldshun (1960), 3B Dave Hollins (1989) and
OF Shane Victorino (2004).  Shane was selected by the Padres in 2002 and returned to the Dodgers. Phillies took him two years later. LHP Michael Mimbs (1994) won nine games in 1995 but went 3-12 in next two seasons.

Many were selected by the Phillies but never wore a pinstripe uniform in the majors.  Among those are INF Ed Crosby (1973), RHP Jay Tibbs (1983), LHP Jeff Tabaka (1988), LHP Travis Blackley (2007).

So Close
Golden Era committee announced on Monday that no one from the 10-player ballot would be inducted into the Hall of Fame next July.  Dick Allen and Tony Oliva missed by one vote; Jim Kaat, by two.  That’s tough to take.  No votes would be easier to digest.

Silver lining: Golden Era committee convenes in three years and Allen, Oliva and Kaat will again get another chance.

Johnny Almaraz, new Director, Amateur Scouting, has been traveling to visit with the staff and see players who were finishing their fall season . . . The MLB Rookie Career Development Program will take place January 8-11 in Leesburg, VA . . . The Phillies Career Development Program follows, January 13-16.

Alumni Birthdays
Today: OF Del Unser (70), LHP Darold Knowles (73) . . . Wednesday: 1B Jon Zuber (45), CH Doc Edwards (78) . . . Thursday: 1B Andy Tracy (41), RHP Bob Sebra (53) . . . Saturday: RHP Fergie Jenkins (72) . . . Monday: RHP Mike Proly (64), RHP Stan Bahnsen (70).

Who Are These Guys?
In Phillies history there have been a handful of position players who played only one game for them in the majors.  Find out who they are at

Phun Fact
The Phanatic Team completed 740 appearances in fiscal year of 2014.


Since Rich Allen wasn’t even nominated three years ago, garnering 11 votes this year represents a tremendous upswing for his reputation. Although the voting committee in 2017 will not be composed of the same voters as this year’s that adds a little bit of unpredictability to the proceedinbgs, but one would think hat Allen would be in a prime position to gain election then. In 2017. Three years from now Allen will be 75 years old and 40 years removed from his final MLB game in 1977.

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Who will the Phillies be sending to MLB’s Rookie Career Development Program?

???? Any word???

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