Rumor Monger

Winter Meetings time. Part of baseball’s annual calendar starts Sunday in sunny San Diego, not exactly a winter place.

Baseball executives from the minor leagues and major leagues get together and part a week from today.  Yes, there are league meetings, athletic trainers meetings, PR meetings and the like.  It all starts at 8 a.m. Sunday with a meeting of the Baseball Hall of Fame committee voting on 10 Golden Era former players.  Dick Allen is among the 10.  That announcement will be made on Monday.

Gobs of media will be there but not to cover those-type meetings.  They are there to feed the rumor monger. What is a rumor monger? According to google: “a person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable.”

GMs will set up shops in suites.  Phone calls to other clubs and lobby-scouring for other clubs has gone the way of dinosaurs. iPhones and iPads are the modes of communication now.  Instead of checking the media room for the latest press release, twitter feeds all that information in rapid-fire seconds.  Blink and you miss the latest twitter announcement or rumor.

ESPN, and The Baseball Network will have studios for non-stop reports.  All announcements are supposed to take place in a media room.  Announcements aren’t surprises anymore.  They are confirmations.

Agents will be there to peddle their free agents and will work the media to feed the rumor monger.

It is well known the Phillies are willing to talk about anybody on the team.  There are still a lot of free agents floating out there which will have an effect on how much Phillies action will take place. It may be February before we find out what the club looks like.  As Pat Gillick has said, patience.

The rumor monger will love Cole Hamels.  He’ll be going to team A… B……no C….no a mystery team…….now A is back in the mix…..but B is preparing a new approach….. C and D are now trying to work a three-team deal. All of that can take place in a matter of twitter minutes.

36 years ago tomorrow the Phillies made the biggest splash when they signed free agent Pete Rose to a four-year, $3.2 million contract which made him the highest paid athlete in team sports.  A $3.2 million contract is another dinosaur.



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