Short Trip

Bulletin board in the clubhouse is full of information for the players.

There’s a roster of all players in camp. Those whose names are circled mean they are on today’s trip to Dunedin, a three-mile journey. That’s the shortest trip in spring training anywhere.

Also posted: 8:30 a.m. reporting time today, infield practice at 10, batting practice at 10:15 and two busses leave at 11:30. Those not on the travel roster have the afternoon off.

Game will be on the Major League Baseball Network and

Old Home Week
Yesterday’s Grapefruit League opener at Bright House Field was filled with ex-Phillies.

Marlon Byrd and Bobby Abreu were both in the line-up that faced J. A. Happ. Chris Coste threw out the first ball and Scott Rolen journeyed north from Bradenton for BP. Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs were in the booth for their first telecast. Former coach Billy DeMars was also a morning visitor.

With the Phillies opening the season in Texas and facing a right-hander, Abreu could well be the DH as he was yesterday. Last time he started a game was July 25, 2012, while with the Dodgers. He has a clause in his contract if he isn’t on a major league roster on March 26, he can become a free agent.

Tall Tug
New “Peek at the Past” photo on features Lefty, Tug and Jerry Koosman 30 years ago in spring training. Tug must have stood on a box or something because he’s taller than the other two even though he was 6-foot even. Check it out.

Opening Day Countdown
32 days till Phillies season opener in Texas against the Rangers.

There’s only one #32 of significance in Phillies history, Hall of Famer Steve Carlton who wore it for 15 Phillies seasons. Number was retired in 1989. Last to wear it before Lefty, Darrell Brandon (1971). Among interesting names who have worn it include
Chuck Klein (1936), Curt Simmons (1947) and Richie Allen (1963; spring training 1964).

Spring Training Fun Fact
The Phillies won the first game at Jack Russell Stadium in 1955 over the Tigers and lost the last game there to the Yankees 59 years later. They also won the first game at Bright House Field in 2004, beating he Yankees.


Math check: 1955 (1st game at Jack Russell) + 59 years = 2014… should be 49 years?

HOF’er Chuck Klein wore #32? That would be significant in addition to Lefty… IMHO

Thanks for replying to this comment about Chuck Klein in today’s entry. Didn’t know he wore so many numbers!! Nonetheless he should be recognized as one of the icons on Mount Phillie-more!

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