1st Game

Marlon Byrd talks with teammates during workouts Friday in Clearwater.Ten years ago Bright House Networks Field opened, a new era in Phillies spring training baseball.

Wearing #29, Marlon Byrd (above) led off for the Phillies that day and played centerfield. He got the first hit in the new yard and scored the first run. The previous spring he hit the last triple in Jack Russell Memorial Stadium.

Now 10 years later, he’s back in a Phillies uniform, playing right field and batting fifth, wearing #2.

New Broadcasting Era
For the first time since 1962, Richie Ashburn, Harry Kalas or Chris Wheeler are not part ay

Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs, the new voices, make their debut today, the start of a new era in Phillies broadcasting. Every Clearwater game will be televised, giving the new faces a chance to have broadcasting spring training.

“Wheels” continues to be the PA announcer at Bright House Field. He’s been doing that in Clearwater since 1972. He’s also doing video features on phillies.com, The Wheelhouse. His piece last week with Larry Bowa was a classic.

Opening Day Countdown
33 days until the Phillies opener at the Rangers.

Cliff Lee is wearing that number now. Others who have worn it include Bo Belinsky, Wayne Twitchell, Ruben Amaro Jr., Aaron Rowand, Granny Hamner (1948) and Pat Burrell (2000). Plus an oddity, two right-handed pitchers, one named Mike Jackson and other, Michael Jackson.

WPHT’s Dom Giordano is broadcasting live from the Tiki Bar tomorrow and Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon . . . 170 minor leaguers report to Carpenter Complex tomorrow. First workout is Saturday. Nearly 50 kids have been working out on their own for weeks at the complex . . . Four of that 50 are pitchers who were assigned to the bullpen today, Brody Colvin, Justin Friend, Jay Johnson and Mike Nesseth . . . Scouting of amateur players is underway. Some members of the player development staff have been spending time following Phillies scouts. Charlie Manuel will do some scouting in Florida this month. Pat Gillick has spent times going to high school and college games. Pat is a super scout. Dallas Green, Dick Allen and I, along with our wives, had dinner last night at the Beachcomber restaurant. Pat knew what each ordered. When asked how he knew that, he just laughed.

Spring Training Fun Facts
Larry Bowa has been a minor league player, major league player, coach, manager and coach again during Phillies spring training camps. His first big league camp was 1967. He wore #53.

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The photo you reference clearly shows the mistake in your text… Revere is wearing #2 now, not Byrd… Maybe Byrd wore #2 10 years ago? Wearing #29 now?

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