Guest Visitor

Possum6150There’s a possum in the park. Well, I guess if you are sitting on top of the outfield fence at Carpenter Complex, you are in the park. It happened yesterday. A guest at Carpenter Complex.

Wonder if the possum saw his shadow. Is he more accurate at predicting the weather than a groundhog?

Opie Cheek, the award-winning field supervisor of the Complex and Bright House Field, wasn’t surprised. “One time we found a family of possums living in the Tiki Bar. We’ve had raccoons, coyotes, all kinds of snakes. During the tropical story Debbie, the place was flooded after a day of 13 inches of rain. We found an alligator on the half-field. We’re like the Discovery channel.”

Anyway, the possum triggered some great tweets.

Ryan Lawrence, Philly Daily News: “When asked about the Phillies chances of competing in the NL East, the possum was on the fence.”

Jayson Stark, “Where would getting bit by a rabid possum rank on the all-time list of spring training injuries?”

Phillie Phanatic is on his way to Florida. If he had been here yesterday, we would have had a possum and a Phanatic in the park at the same time. Guess that would have been historic…..or, hysteric.

Camp Notes
Today started with Majestic Sporting Goods measuring each player for uniforms for the season. They were set up at 6:30 a.m . . . Early workouts for some players at 8:45 and then everyone on the field again at 10 . . . There’s a familiar face wearing #53. Yep, Bobby Abreu. He’ll turn 40 next month . . . Highest uniform number belongs to RHP David Buchanan; lowest, #2, Ben Revere.

Spring Training Fun Fact
Ryne Sandberg’s first spring training in Clearwater was 1979 when he was in the minor league camp as a 19-year-old shortstop. He wore #8.


The Phils have reported the possum to the NCAA.

What number is Buchanan?

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