Instilling His Work Ethic

There was a newness to the first full squad workout yesterday. It’s all because Ryne is running his first spring training camp, a fresh new approach. Oh, there’s still BP, fundamentals, stretching, long toss, PFP (pitcher’s fielding practice), base running, etc.

Base running, for example, got more notice yesterday. It is all part of Ryno’s philosophy of being prepared to play the game right. And, it will continue into the season.

In a feature story about him in today’s Tampa Bay News, he once again referred to his first spring training camp with the Phillies 35 years ago and the impression Rose, Schmidt and Bowa made on him. “They didn’t want anyone to work harder than them and I never forgot that.” That work ethic carried Ryno to the Hall of Fame.

Yet, he remembers how hard it is to play the game. Even though he has a plaque in Cooperstown, he went to the low minors to learn how to manage. That work ethic and attention to detail carried him back to Carpenter Complex as a big league manager. Now, his goal is to get his team on the same page.

Today, more BP for the four groups of hitters. Fundamentals are broken down into two groups of position players. Group 1 is headed by the regulars. You guessed it, Group 2 is composed of the others.

Bullpen coach Rod Nichols and Aumont were on the mound next to the half field. Not unusual, except it was 8:30, way before the day’s scheduled began. Aumont has a ton of talent and nasty stuff. Just needs to harness it. During one of the meetings last week, Ruben said it doesn’t matter who, “but we need to get Aumont straightened out, It could be Mac (McClure) or LA or Doc or anyone. This kid has lights out stuff and we need to get the most out of him.”

Doc is doing one-on-one sessions with some of the pitchers. He has so much to offer. It is good to see him in a Phillies uniform again. He’s more relaxed now that he doesn’t go through a rigorous regiment and not trying to battle through injuries.

With Clearwater Chamber of Commerce type weather, the fan turnout has turned up. Perhaps they’ve escaped the snow-bound north and are excited to experience warm and sunny weather.

Top 10
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Spring Training Fun Fact
Head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan and his staff arrive at Bright House Field at 6 a.m. daily. First item of business is to review the previous day and status of players. Players needing treatment are scheduled to arrive at 7 a.m.


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Sandberg arrive in August and finished the season 20-22 but I consider him one of the new six mangers. I think the Phillies have a good plan in place to get back on top and keeping Sandberg in the dugout is a good starting point….

Great post

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