HittersTake BP 1st Day

Blue skies, yellow sunshine, green grass, red Phillies uniforms, a virtual rainbow. Well, maybe that’s overstating it a bit. Baseball is back, so I’m giddy.

Player meeting began at 9:15 with introductions of the coaching/instructional staff, athletic trainers, clubhouse personnel and front office types. Ryne then delivered his first state-of-the Phillies message, a new message.

Live batting practice began at 11:45, the hitters were divided into four groups on the four fields, Roberts, Ashburn, Schmidt and Carlton. Player conditioning at 1:25 p.m. was the last item on the Day 6 agenda.

Remember daily workouts are open to the public free of charge and parking is free. So is the sunshine expected to be here all week. Workouts (10 a.m.) are held on the four-diamond Carpenter Complex.

Tomorrow, the annual photo day in which the various licensees, wire services and TV networks will be taking photos of every player in camp. First flash bulb goes off at 7 a.m.

Spring Training Fun Fact
For the first time, Phillie Phanatic will entertain fans at all Bright House Field games this spring.

And, here’s another first in Phillies history….that big green mascot will be driving to Florida in its decorated van. Just think, folks along I-95 first saw a big trailer truck decked out with a Phillies banner earlier this month, taking the equipment from Philly to Clearwater. Now, these same folks will be seeing the green Phanatic plastered on the side of a van. That’s marketing, folks.

Phanatic leaves tomorrow and will make the first stop in Richmond on Thursday, home of the Flying Squirrels of the Eastern League. Next stop, Charleston, SC, to visit with the River Cats, another minor league team. Last stop (Feb. 21) is St. Augustine, FL, to visit an alligator farm. Let’s hope alligators are frightened by this big green monster.

That bright van is scheduled to pull into Clearwater on Saturday, hopefully without any alligators.

John Brazer, the fun and games guy of the front office, will be riding shot gun. More importantly, he’ll be documenting the trip on social media.

The Phanatic driving to Florida and being tracked by social media. What has baseball come to?

Thanks to Steve, I really blew it yesterday with a note that Burnett is the eighth person to wear a Phillies uniform and use initials. Check Steve’s comment. Thanks, Steve.


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Any word on which alumni will be attending the game in Clearwater on March 8?

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