Heading South

Now that the footballs and yellow penalty flags have been packed away, it’s time for the Phillies equipment truck to be packed for a journey south to Clearwater’s Bright House Field.

Event takes place this Thursday. For more on this event and items to be packed, check out http://phillies.mlblogs.com/

What’s missing from the list is one blue tub of summer-like clothing…mine. Couldn’t fit in the car so the truck gets this highly-valuable tub.

So spring is coming, no matter what Punxsutawney Phil predicted on Sunday. Time for an equipment truck to replace this famous groundhog in predicting the weather! John Mizerock, Phillies new assistant hitting coach, lives in the same town as the groundhog. Wonder if John saw his shadow on Sunday.

New Alumnus
Infielder Michael Young has announced his retirement. So, now he’s officially a member of the Phillies alumni, although his allegiance is with the Rangers where he was a star for 12 years.

He’s a class act and it would have been fun watching him during his prime playing days. He battled last year with the Phillies, always going all out. When you look up the definition of a true professional in the dictionary, you will find his photo. 14 years in the majors, a .300 batting average and no visits to the disabled list. Six times he had 200 or more hits with Texas.

This Week’s Alumni Birthdays
3—OF Bake McBride (65), LHP Mike Wallace (63), RHP Freddie Toliver (53).
4—C Chris Coste (41), LHP Dan Plesac (52)
5—RHP Chris Brock (44), GM Lee Thomas (78)
9—C Todd Pratt (47), RHP Jim Nash (69).

Did You Know
Plesac recorded the last strikeout in the history of Veterans Stadium. He fanned Atlanta CF Ryan Langerhans for the last out in the top of the ninth inning on September 28, 2003, the final game at the Vet.

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