Who Is This?

Who is this guy?

Well, it is a young pitcher named Dallas Green, who was part of an instructional school prior to the start of the Phillies spring training in 1959 in Clearwater, FL. Read all about the camp at http://www.phillies.com/alumni

Welcomed E-Mail
During this winter of winter weather, nothing is more welcome than an e-mail from Frank Coppenbarger, Director Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, “The equipment truck will be loaded and depart on the morning of Thursday, February 6.”

Destination: Bright House Field, where the clubhouse is quiet and empty these days. Ruf, Asche, Miguel Gonzalez and Kendrick worked out on Wednesday.

When the truck is unpacked, 59 player lockers will be ready. Ruben and Ryno will have a meeting on February 11 at Carpenter Field with the staff. Two days later pitchers and catchers practice for the first time.

Out in Arizona this week, Marti Wolever, Rob Holiday and the scouting crosscheckers met to prepare plans for the June draft. Division I colleges begin playing on February 14.

This Week’s Birthdays26—3B Rick Schu (52), C Bob Uecker (79)
28—1B Bill White (80)
30—2B Davey Johnson (71)
31—RHP Joel Bennett (44)
1—RHP Bob Conley (80)

Alumni Notes
Mariana Duncan is a coach for the Daytona Beach Cubs in the Florida State League . . . Warren Brusstar is the pitching coach for Nappa Valley (CA) College . . . Scott Eyre serves in the same capacity for a private high school in his hometown of Bradenton, FL . . . Rod Barajas is the manager of the San Diego Padres team in the Arizona League . . . Kevin Stocker again is a color commentator for the Pac-12 Conference TV network . . . Milt Thompson returns as a minor league instructor for the Kansas City Royals . . . Jared Sandberg (Ryne’s nephew) will manage the Port Charlotte club (Rays).

Fun Fact
70 years ago the Phillies held spring training in Wilmington, DE, because of travel restrictions in the USA during World War II. Camp began March 19 and the first workout was snowed out. Will have a feature on this story in March.

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