First Spring Workout Coming

Spring training officially begins on February 13 when pitchers and catchers take to the fields at Carpenter Field.

Already there are Kyle Kendrick, Domonic Brown, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and Phillippee Aumont with Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Jonathan Pettibone and Justin DeFratus expected this week. Others may also get an early start.

New pitching coach Bob McClure is checking in this week to get acclimated with some of the pitchers and the staff.

Tons of equipment will make the 1,100 mile trip from Citizens Bank Park to Clearwater starting on February 6. Look for a big media sendoff.

For the first time, Phillie Phanatic will be spending the entire spring performing at Grapefruit League games at Bright House Field. Hey, the Phanatic got chunky over the winter and is a little rusty.

Alumni Notes
Tim McCarver, who retired last fall after broadcasting 27 World Series on a national basis, is returning to local TV by working 30 games with the Cardinals . . . Jeff Manto is the new minor league hitting coordinator for the Orioles . . . Todd Pratt is the new president of the Sunbelt Summer League in Georgia after being a manager in the league for the past five seasons . . . Rob Ducey is back in the game as a coach for the Phillies’ Reading club. He had been a scout for the Blue Jays before being out of the game for a couple of years.

Alumni Birthdays
This week………..

13—INF Mike Buskey (65)
14—INF Derrell Thomas (63)
15—RHP Wayne Gomes (41)
17—C Tyler Houston (43), LHP Jeff Tabaka (50), 2B Denny Doyle (70)
18—C Mike Lieberthal (42), INF Billy Grabarkewitz (68), CH Chuck Cottier (78)

Number 18
This blog ranked 18th among the top 100 blogs in the Pro Blog category for 2013. That’s the good news.

The not so good news, it dropped from 15th a year ago.

Being among the top 20 every year is neat but the credit goes to you for checking out the blog. Thanks.

Crazy Idea
There’s a debate as to whether players accused of being on performance enhancing drugs should be enshrined into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

Well, let’s recognize them away from the HOF. How about a large syringe monument made out of brick and a steel needle. Those who quality for the HOF will have their names etched on the bricks. No ceremonies.

Found the right town for the monument: Truth Or Consequences in New Mexico. Yep, that’s the name of the town that is the county seat for Sierra County. Runners up are Disappointing, KY and Why, AZ.


You might as well move some players who were using “Greenies” in the 70’s-80’s to their own wing as well. The Phillies use of these early PEDs is well documented.

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