New Year, New Look


As the new year begins, there’s a new look to

The first vintage photo of this year is a mirror image of Veterans Stadium from a year ago. It is a classic.

The first new feature is a look at the anniversary moments, ranging from 10 years ago to as long go as 120 years. Check it out.

More new features will be coming this week.

This Month’s Calendar
Phillies are sending Cody Asche, Ethan Martin, Cameron Rupp and Maikel Franco to t he Major League Baseball Rookie Program which runs from January 9-12.

Attending the club’s Prospect Development program, January 14-17 at Citizens Bank Park, are Franco, Kelly Dugan, Aaron Altherr, David Buchanan, Jesse Biddle, Leandro Castro and Kenny Giles.

Ryne Sandberg will be in town for 10 days starting on the 17th. He’ll be participating in several PR functions.

Phillies personnel will be appearing at banquets in Williamsport (20), Reading (21), Lakewood (22) , Lehigh Valley (23) and Philadelphia Sportswriters Banquet (27). Mickey Morandini is appearing at the Kennett Square Old-Timers Banquet (18).

J-Roll is being honored at the BAT (Baseball Assistance Team) banquet in New York (21).

Hall Announcement
Tomorrow, we’ll find out who is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The 2014 ballot contains 36 players (19 new names and 17 returnees). Candidates who receive 75 percent of the votes are in.

Three former manageres have already been chosen for the HOF. Last year was a shutout at Cooperstown. This year could be a classic crop.

Hall of Fame voting used to be confidential. Now, writers are bragging on how they voted and why. Tweets are everywhere. Shouldn’t writers write the news and not create it? Do they reveal their votes for the President of the US? Perhaps I’m getting grumpy.


Larry…This is Press Box Ed…first time I responded to one of your blogs. I enjoyed your well deserving comments about Wheels. I first met Wheels in the late ’60s, early ’70s when I was a newswriter trainee at WCAU TV, and Wheels was on his way to a great broadcasting career starting with WCAU radio. One story that I always remember…I was talking to Andy Musser in the ‘CAU newsroom, and he told me that Wheels had just been hired by the Phillies. I thought, “what a lucky guy Wheels is to work for the team that we both love.” I say now, what a great hire by the Phillies. Wheels certainly is one of the all time Phillies’ off field greats, and I hope to see him around for many more years.

Hmmm, if he was such the consummate color guy, why did he get canned? Cause he was irksome, that’s why, and the fans not wealthy enough to attend a game in person found his TV style annoying too. Good riddance, Wheels. Mumble-mouth Sarge was awful as well. The only thing in his favor was we only had to endure 3 innings of him. Plus the game ending interview. More often than not he was an embarrassment. No wonder an ever-increasing number of viewers muted their TV sound in favor of the radio broadcast. Perhaps the powers that be at Comcast will pick a By Saam, Bill Campell, Whitey or Harry type as a replacement.

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