Wall of Fame Question

Question has been raised: Will Doc Halladay be added to the Phillies Wall of Fame?

Well, the WOF eligibility rules stipulate a player has to have played five years with the Phillies. Doc wound up with four. (Managers and coaches need four or more years service). Then, in 2005 we added two more stipulations, position players needed to play in a minimum of 700 games; pitchers, minimum of 180. Idea was to make sure we had quality candidates.

Should we make an exception? Will it open the famous can of worms? Should the number of years be reduced to four or three? Should the games played be changed or dropped? Who else then qualifies if the rules are changed? Should general managers an club presidents be considered?

Borrowing one of Paul Owens’ favorite sayings, we’ll “mull it over.”

Yes, exceptions have been made since we started the WOF in 1978. The exceptions related to another rule that a player needs to be retired for three years before being considered. But, never the number of years in a Phillies uniform.

Exceptions have included Steve Carlton (1989), Mike Schmidt (1990), John Vukovich (2007) and Harry Kalas (2009). Lefty and Michael Jack were inducted the year after they retired. Vuk and Harry the K were inducted posthumously without waiting three years.

To Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre for being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Next announcement relates to players and that will occur on January 9. Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine appear to be shoo-ins. This past July, the inductions included only deceased people. 2014 will be a huge weekend in Cooperstown.

To Curt Schilling, who is taking the place of Orel Hershiser on the ESPN Sunday Night telecast team. Schill joins John Kruk and Dan Schulman. Poor Dan.

To Lori and Scott Franzke who became parents of twin girls on December 6, Loretta and June. Son Gus and Scott are now out-numbered in the Franzke household.

Ryne Sandberg will leave the winter meetings in Orlando later today for Philadelphia.

He’ll take part in some of the Phillies Week of Giving Events next week. He’ll also be meeting with his coaching staff for a couple of days next week before heading for his Arizona home for the holidays. Ryne will be back east for a couple of weeks in January.

Want a warm thought? Pitchers and catchers first workout is February 13.

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With no new outstanding candidates due to appear on the Wall Of Fame ballot in 2014, I would think that it’s finally Jim Konstanty’s turn to be added to the Phillies’ Wall Of Fame. Unlike Doc, there’s no controversy over his eligibility requirement In 2014 it will be 58 years since he last appeared in the majors in 1956 and 60 years since he last threw a pitch for the Phillies in 1954.

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