The Book Shelf

Shopping season for the holidays is underway. Once upon a time, that season didn’t start until after Thanksgiving but times have changed.

If you are looking for a special gift for a special person, here’s a list of books relating to the Phillies. Happy shopping.

The Mouth That Roared by Dallas Green and Alan Maimon; foreword by Jayson Stark; Triumph Books; also available in kindle.

Philadelphia’s Top 50 Baseball Players by Rich Westcott; foreword by Dallas Green; University of Nebraska Press.

Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium by Rich Westcott; Arcadia Publishing.

View from the Booth by Chris Wheeler; Camino Press.

This Date In Philadelphia Phillies History by Skip Clayton and Don Bostrom; Camino Press; Originally published in 1978 by Allen Lewis and Larry Shenk; Stein & Day; kindle

The Phillies Experience: A Year-by-Year Chronicle of the Philadelphia Phillies by Tyler Kepner; MVP Books

Game of My Life Philadelphia Phillies by Bob Gordon; Sports Publishing

More Than Beards, Bellies and Biceps by Bob Gordon, Tom Burgoyne and Larry Andersen; Sports Publishing

In The Game by Wes Chamberlain, kindle

A Way Out: Faith, Hope & the Love of the Game by Billy Wagner, Patty Rasmussen; foreword by Lance Berkman; Ampelon Publishing; also available in kindle

Baseball’s Last Great Scout: The Life of Hugh Alexander by Daniel L. Austin PhD; University of Nebraska Press

Just Tell Me I Can’t by Jamie Moyer, Larry Platt; Grand Central Publishing; also available in kindle


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Really saddened to see Wheels leave the broadcast booth. Yet another reason to hate Comcast.

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