Tumblr, etc.

Connect: transitive and intransitive verb to join two or more people, things, or parts.

Say hello to social media.

Remember when the internet world came along? What a great way to connect with fans–news, photos, blogs, message boards, chats, videos, listening to and watching games on a computer. Ticket and merchandise sales boomed.

But the ever-changing world of technology has expanded, putting our daily lives in the middle of social media–twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, tumblr, google+ and the latest, vine. Social media seems to grow faster than weeds.

For the Phillies, social media is becoming bigger and bigger. We’re among the top MLB teams when it comes to followers. Over 1.3 million follow us on facebook and that number keeps climbing.

Social media opens a new world for advertising and sales. Learned at the club’s advertising meeting last week we’ll still advertise in print, radio, TV and billboards but social media is moving along faster.

Among the new items for holiday sales is a Phillies Gift Card. Hey, gift cards are big. I now get them every birthday and Christmas. Now, fans can buy a Phillies gift card that can be used or tickets, merchandise or concessions at Citizens Bank Park.

These gift cards are available under tickets at http://www.phillies.com. Check them out. Perfect stocking stuffer.

As a kid, I became a big Phillies fan by connecting through newspapers and radio, more or less now a pair of dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs, I must be one. To me, tumblr is what I use every morning for drinking orange juice. And, as a young PR person many moons ago, social media meant buying drinks and dinner for the media.

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