10’s Back

Only fitting that on 10/10, its time to write about the return of #10.

Yep, Larry Bowa is back in a Phillies uniform again. This time, bench coach for Ryne. Yep, he’ll be #10 again.

It is his fourth stint in Phillies pinstripes. Three others share the honor, Hans Lobert, Tony Taylor and Bowa’s buddy, John Vukovich.

The first ever summer draft took place in 1965 and Bowa, a skinny shortstop from Sacramento, CA, wasn’t selected. 824 amateur players were.

Scout Eddie Bockman, whose territory was northern California, convinced GM
Paul Owens to sign Larry as an amateur free agent. When Owens asked Bockman how much it would take to sign Larry, Eddie replied, “I believe I can get him for $1,000. Would like to kick in a couple hundred more, you know for shoes and a new glove.” That fall, Larry signed for $1,200.00, October 12, 1965.

His first year in the Phillies spring training camp in Clearwater, FL, was 1967. He wore #53. I remember manager Gene Mauch saying, “I can see him run, can see him catch the ball, can see him throw. When he hits, I don’t hear anything.”

After four seasons in the minors, Bowa reached the majors. Bowa did make some noise as a hitter, getting 2,191 career hits.

He spent 12 years as a Phillies shortstop, nine years as a coach and four years as manager.

A kid who was cut from his high school team, wound up wearing a Phillies uniform for 25 years, longest in Phillies history, a number that now is increasing.

Alumni Feature
Paul Hagen’s “Where Are They Now?” features Tommy Greene, the former Phillies right-hander. You can check out the story on http://www.phillies.com/alumni.

Tweet of the Day
Jon Heyman, CBS Sports.com: “A possible solution to the Redskins problem. Keep the name. Change the logo from an Indian to a potato.”

Arizona Fall League
You can follow the Phillies prospects playing for Peoria at http://www.MLBFallBall.com.


Unreal. Larry Bowa’s Phillies history actually dates back to Gene Mauch. Bowa belongs in red pinstripes, sitting in the dugout, helping out Ryno.

Re:AFL. Noticed that Cameron Perkins replaced Kelly Dugan on Peoria Javelinas roster. Why? Injury? Impending trade? Thank you.

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