Foggy Crystal Ball

Let’s see. Back when spring training had ended, dusted off the old, doggy crystal ball. Wanted to see what was lying ahead for the Phillies. Here’s what I didn’t see…

Cole would finish with a career-low eight wins and have 11 no decisions.

For 62 innings, from April 7 through May 31, he wouldn’t pitch with a lead while in the game.

Bullpen would turn out to be the strongest part of the pitching staff.

Cliff and Cole would be the only healthy starters.

Cliff would be the first pitcher in modern times to strike out 50 or more batters (54) and walk one in one calendar month (September).

Enemy base runners would steal almost at will. Phillies would struggle on the bases.

So many base hits, including home runs, would come on 0-2 pitches.

J-Roll would be the only regular not to miss a game because of injuries.

15 rookies would appear in at least one game during the season.

OF Casper Wells and INF John McDonald would pitch in the same game for the Phillies.

Domonic would be an All-Star and lead the club in homers, RBI.

Chase would be the club-leader in runs scored.

Ben would break his right foot, not play after July 13 and still lead the outfielders in putouts.

Only three teams—Cubs, White Sox, Marlins–would score fewer runs than the Phillies (610).

The Astros would score as many runs as the Phillies.

Only three teams would drawer fewer walks than the Phillies (417).

Fransden would play 40 games at first base, second to Howard’s 76.

Cody Asche would replace Mike Young at third base.

Cesar Hernandez would play 190 innings in centerfield in September.

There would be so many bad calls by umpires, including two of the worst in one inning.

After being a strong second half team for so many years, Phillies would go 25-41.

Phillies would finish below the Mets for the first time since 2000.

Zach Miner would be the starting pitcher in the season’s final game.

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