Shocking News

The Phillies have been struggling, offense is inconsistent, bullpen sometimes adds fuel to the fire, Cole can’t win a game, injuries keep popping up.

All of that suddenly took a back seat with this afternoon’s announcement from 97.5, The Fanatic radio station where Darren Daulton has a daily talk show:

“Darren had not been feeling well over the last two weeks…he went to the doctor and found he had two brain tumors and is scheduled for surgery early next week. Our thoughts and prayers are with he and his family at this time.  Of course we want to respect his privacy at a time like this, but if you would like to send him get well wishes you can do so at”

Suddenly, wins and losses, hitting streaks and slumps aren’t that important. Life is.

David Montgomery issued the following statement: “We’re saddened at the news about Darren. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We, along with our fans, are praying for a full recovery.”

Our fans loved Darren and I know they’re behind him at this time. That, too, is more important that wins and losses.

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