Tug’s Legacy Lives On

Of the next four games, only one is at Bright House Field, Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Today, Rays in Port Charlotte (8:15 a.m. buses), Saturday, Yankees in Tampa (8:45 a.m.) and Monday, Braves in Disney World (8:00). Just think, touring Florida by bus is in order.

MLB Network will tape the Yankees game on Saturday and air it at 3 a.m. Sunday. Seriously.

Following a tradition started by Tug McGraw back in the late 1970s, the Phillies will wear green jerseys on Sunday against the Orioles. Two games ago, a fan was seen wondering through the Bright House Field stands wearing a green #45 McGraw jersey. Tug’s legacy lives on.

Camp Notes
Another Spring Training USA fan tour will have brunch on Sunday morning at Bright House Field. Scott Palmer is the host . . . Phillies midwest and international scouts come to Clearwater for a few days on Sunday.

Complex Notes
Phillies class A teams are playing the Blue Jays teams at Carpenter Complex on Friday and Sunday. Both teams AAA and AA teams will be playing in Dunedin on those days. Saturday, camp games followed by an evening roster meeting held by the minor league field staff and minor league office staff.

Over the last couple of days the following pitchers were released, Ryan Duke, Garett Claypool, Corey Young, Matt Sisto and Juan Morillo . More player moves will be forthcoming.

This Date
March 15, 1943–Phillies begin spring training in Hershey, PA, during World War II. Eleven players went through the first workout.

For a story about that bizarre spring training and a couple of awesome photos, be sure to check out http://www.phillies.com/alumni.

Spring Training Memories
Von Hayes (OF, 1983-1991)
“My first spring training was in Tucson, Arizona, with the Cleveland Indians. I wore No. 62 and my first roommate was Chris Bando.

“It was my first year out of college and I went directly to the major league camp. I was overwhelmed to say the least. The thing I remember most about my first day was how terrifying Cliff Johnson looked. While the rest of the team stretched, Cliff was on his own program smoking cigs and generally letting everyone know how miserable he was to be in Cleveland that year. Regardless of it all, that man could hit!

“The best part of spring training is at the beginning when you get a chance to see your teammates again before the games start. It’s a no-stress, fun time that always produces good memories. The worst part of spring training was always how long it was. I always felt that a week of practice and about 10 games was all I needed to be ready to play. I always thought the pitchers should still report in February and let the rest of the team report somewhere around the middle of March. Let them throw against a wall for a month until we got there. Just kidding, but a week less wouldn’t have hurt!”

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