Pitching, Defense Not Jiving

Pitching and defense. That combination can produce winning seasons.

Through 18 spring training games, pitching and defense are not jiving. Team ERA of 6.09 is highest among NL clubs. 25 errors is also high. Team .282 average is third. Domonic Brown leads all NL players with 15 hits and is second with 17 hits.

That’s why we have spring training. Defense miscues can be traced to windy conditions and fields that aren’t major league caliber. J-Roll’s glove is missing, too. Pitchers have given up 183 hits in 158 innings. The numbers are more staggering when you consider pitchers have twice combined on one-hitters.

Camp Notes
Minor league pitchers Colby Shreve, Kyle Simon and Jordan Whatcott and catcher John Suomi are in uniform for today’s game against the Pirates . . . Busses for Friday’s game in Port Charlotte (Rays) leave at 8:15 a.m. . . . Group of Phillies sponsors are in Clearwater for the weekend.

Wall of Fame
Voting online ends on March 20 so get your votes in.

Received an e-mail inquiry from a fan wanting to know by Bake McBride isn’t among the 15 Alumni on this year’s ballot. Bake was on the first online ballot in 2005 but received minimal votes and was removed from the ballot.

The eligible candidates, and Bake is eligible, are reviewed every January and Bake will be given consideration again in 2014.

Spring Training Memories
Ricky Jordan (1B, 1988-94)
“It was Clearwater, 1984, training with the Spartanburg Phillies. I wore No. 6. Carpenter Field was so impressive. I had no idea that many players would be there. I always enjoyed and appreciated the hands-on instruction from the staff. I didn’t like the long distance running they made us do every day. Or the food for lunch: Soup, soup, soup.”


Jibing, dude. Jibing…

jibe: verb (used without object), jibed, jib·ing.
to be in harmony or accord; agree: The report does not quite jibe with the commissioner’s observations.

Concerning The Wall of Fame will Gene Mauch ever be re-considered again. As the manager with second most wins despite a losing % he turned a doormat team into a winner in the early sixties almost getting to the series with great teams until the end of the decade when he was let go. Yes, as my handle indicates I was an 11 year old then who began following my Phillies with Callison & Bunning being my lifelong heroes. Gene Mauch was a great manager who could milk the the best of the talent he had to work with. He needs to be on that wall even if it is sadly posthumously along with Jim Konstantly (on this years ballot again). The Schillings, Hayes, etc. can be put in at a later date. These veterans need to be honored before they are just a faint memory.

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