Wall of Fame Voting Underway

Wall of Fame election is now underway on this website. Voters have until 5 p.m. on March 20 to vote. Twelve Alumni are on the ballot. New names are 3B Pinky Whitney, 1B Fred Luderus and two managers, Danny Ozark and Harry Wright.

Complete details are at http://www.phillies.com/alumni.

Annual induction ceremonies will take place on Friday, August 2.

Good-bye February
The friendly calendar on the wall says is it February 28, the last day of the month. Today is the sixth game this month, something that’s never happened before.

The World Baseball Classic, March 3-19, is the reason for the earlier start this year.

Will baseball ever become a year that starts on Valentine’s Day and ends on Halloween?

By contrast, Phillies spring training 70 years ago started on March 15 and ended on April 14. Regular season was 154 games in those days.

Alumni Reunion
Jim Fregosi, special assistant to the Braves GM, Roger McDowell, their pitching coach and Gene Garber, guest pitching instructor, are at today’s game.

Garber is in the Braves camp for two weeks for the third straight year. When asked about making road trips, he responded, “Relievers always went on the trips.” When told that Mike Schmidt is a guest instructor with the Phillies and doesn’t go on the road, Gene replied, “That’s because he has HOF behind his name.”

Spring Numbers
MLB has begun to spit out spring training stats. Domonic leads the NL with six runs scored . . . Howard is among the leading hitters at .500 . . . Nine Phillies errors have let to six unearned runs . . . Bright House Field average attendance of 6,193 is second to the Yankees among Florida teams.

Camp Notes
Bus leaves 9:45 a.m. tomorrow for a trip to Tampa and a game with the Yankees. Phillies will dress there and take BP . . . Tomorrow’s game will be taped and aired on the MLB network at 4 p.m.

Did You Ever Wonder?
Why it is called a sacrifice hit when it isn’t a hit?

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Larry Shenk was hired by the Phillies as their Public Relations Director in December 1963, so Congratulations to him for covering his 50th Phillies Spring training this year. He’s had real staying power! Once he survived his first season in Philadelphia (the Public Relations disaster of the Phillies Collapse of 1964), you knew he was in for a long run witht this team..

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