Quiet Day in Clearwater

Quiet day at Bright House Field. Bus for Ft. Myers left at 7:45 a.m. for a game against the Twins. One other trip to this city is March 21 against the Red Sox who also train in Ft. Myers.

Making the trip in two cars were Ruben, Proefrock, Green, Kerfeld, Ondo and Hollins.

Those not on the trip worked out at Bright House Field. Pitchers had fielding drills on the half-field from Lehigh Valley coach Ray Burris. Hitters took batting practice. J-Roll was shagging in left field. When asked if he ever thought he would ever play out there in a game, he replied, “Nope. Like the dirt better.”

There are two indoor batting cages at Bright House, both with astro turf. One of the cages has a pitching machine. Both cages can be used for extra hitting. Both cages also have mound so pitchers can use them, too.

There are two large signs mounted on a concrete support post:
**No sunflower seeds.

**Pick up baseballs when finished.

Camp Notes
Back home Thursday afternoon for a game against the Braves . . . Friday and Saturday are road games, two short trips, Tampa and Dunedin respectively . . . Minor league staff is holding an all-day meeting today in the Paul Owens Training Facility at Carpenter Complex. Full squad of minor leaguers works out for the first time on Sunday. 170 players are expected.

Spring Training Memories
Bill Giles
“When I was six years old, I went to spring training in Tampa because my dad was the president of the Reds. The players stayed at the Floridian Hotel. Elevators in those days were manually operated with a wheel-like device. I spent a lot of time as the elevator operator.

“Eight years later, I went with dad to Clearwater for a Reds-Phillies game at Athletic Field. Robin Roberts pitched. I remember dad saying, “See that pitcher? He’s going to be a great one someday.”

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