Soggy A.M.

With the players union meeting out of the way, the players were ready to begin today’s schedule. But, Mother Nature said no. Showers in mid morning changed the schedule.

Hitters went to the new indoor batting cages at Carpenter Complex. Doc got his scheduled throwing in the indoor cage at Bright House. During a pause in the precipitation, some players went to Carpenter Complex to get in some running, long tossing, etc. Kyle, today’s pitcher, sat in front of his locker and inquired as to the forecast which is iffy. “I want to pitch,” he said.

The infield at Bright House Field had a tarp on since post-game on Monday. Every effort will be made to play the game, although the start could be delayed.

Camp Notes
Travel roster on the bulletin board lists 7:45 a.m. departure for the 125-mile trip to Ft. Myers (Twins) tomorrow. Among the regulars are Ruiz, Howard, Revere, Ruf and Brown . . . Hall of Famer Jim Bunning will be at the game.

Spring Training Memories
Tyler Green (RHP, 1993; 1995-98) “The biggest thing is I actually felt like I fit in. I saw the talent level, saw how everyone interacted and it really seemed like I could be here as easily as anybody else. Spring training definitely was a relaxed atmosphere compared to the regular season. It was the time to get going again, a lot of running, getting used to the heat. Did I say a lot of running? No matter how hard you prepared for spring training, your hammies always get fired up after that first day of running.”

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