Shorter Day

Shorter day today and again Thursday. BP today was limited to coaches throwing, no live BP from pitchers. Tomorrow is the annual team golf outing in the afternoon.

For Charlie and his staff, the day begins with an 8 a.m. meeting to review yesterday and the schedule for today.

Catchers have a daily meeting 30 minutes later. Purpose is to review the pitchers they caught the day before, pitches that worked, what didn’t and other observations. They also review the signals that will be used daily during the season.

Samuel put pitchers through sliding drills today. In the old days, they had to put on special sliding pads. Now, they have sliding mats. Two pitchers were excused, Papelbon and Adams. “Do you ever see a closer or late inning guy bat? They can’t hit and don’t get on base,” he laughed.

Pitchers also spent time on fielding drills on the half-field and bunting in the cages.

There’s a new chart on the clubhouse bulletin board, pitching plans from the 23rd (first Grapefruit League game) through the 28th: those who are listed to pitch in a game, game back-ups, side work. Dubee organizes the list.

The daily routine will change when the games begin.

Camp Notes
Mike Schmidt was in uniform as a guest instructor for the next four weeks. That gives the Phillies three Hall of Famers in camp, Ryne Sandberg and Pat Gillick being the others . . . Uniform numbers go from 2 (Ben Revere) to 80 (Zach Collier) . . . College baseball has started in parts of the country meaning Phillies amateur scouts have begun their work for the June draft.

Spring Training Memories
Bob Dernier (OF, 1980-83; 1988-89)“I went from Double-A to the majors in September, 1980 so I hadn’t been in a big league spring training camp before I got to the big leagues which was kind of unique. The following year, I was in camp with the World Champions at Jack Russell Stadium. It was exciting and at the same time, somewhat intimidating. But, Schmidt, Pete and Tug made me feel like I belonged.

“I lived on the beach with Marty Bystrom and later with Von Hayes. The atmosphere of spring training was great. Lots of fond times and memories. I’d wake up at 6 every morning and run on the beach for 30 minutes and get to the park about 7:30. I just loved that part. Not knowing if you were going to make a club or hearing trade rumors were things I didn’t care for. In 1984 I was traded at the end of spring training. I was kind of down because when you get traded it’s like you get divorced.”

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