Ruf Doused by Sprinklers

Crowds have been on the small side for the workouts over the weekend but there’s a good reason….Florida had its coldest days of the winter. I’m sure those of you who are reading this in Alaska don’t want to hear about Florida’s cold weather.

Frank Coppenbarger said it was the first time he’s ever had to scrape frost off his windshield.

So, Monday is another day of full squad workouts, the third. First, all players had to go through photo day. That all started at 7 a.m. with still photographers and video folks setting up stations in the Bright House Field batting cages and outside the cages.

Temperature was 39 degrees when the cameras began clicking. One of the stations was set up in the left field corner at Bright House Field. Because of the threat of frost, the sprinklers went off during photo day. Darin Ruf got sprayed by one of the sprinklers while having his photo taken. Rookie hazing?

During spring training, the Phillies wear red jerseys and batting practice caps. Wire services and MLB licensees want the players in their home uniforms they wear during the season, pinstripe jerseys and the traditional red cap in the Phillies case.

The communications department, which organizes photo day, keeps a supply of white pinstripe jerseys in Florida. They also have several boxes of the traditional red hats. Each player is instructed to carry his locker nameplate with him so the photographers know who they are filming.

As was mentioned previously, the pitchers are divided into four groups for the daily workouts. Position players have two groups for fundamentals, two groups for infield drills and four groups for hitting.

All players are expected to check the daily schedule posted in the clubhouse bulletin board every morning to know where they are supposed to go. All four fields at Carpenter Complex are is use daily. Workouts begin at 10 in the morning and end around 1 in the afternoon. The public is invited to watch the daily drills free of charge.

With four fields, fans can roam the complex to see what is going on. Really neat atmosphere.

Twenty-five people were on hand Friday afternoon for a memorial service for Bonnie Vukovich. Baseball Chapel President Vince Nauss oversaw the service in suite 206. Former Phillies pitcher, Robert Person, came to pay his respects . . . During Charlie’s post-workout media session on Friday, he addressed the question about not having a contract beyond this year. He wanted to get it out of the way and put it to bed so he won’t get asked over and over . . . FOX Business News was live from Carpenter Complex in the morning.

Quote of the weekend:
“Sunday is the last Sunday of no baseball until November,”’s Jayson Stark.

Alumni Birthdays
Monday: LHP Kyle Abbott (45). RHP Tyler Green (43) . . . Thursday: OF Ted Savage (76) . . . Friday: OF Joe Lefebvre (57), OF Mike Rogodzinski (65).

Spring Training Memories
Clay Dalrymple (C, 1960-68)
“It was 1959 in Bradenton, Florida with the Milwaukee Braves. Hank Aaron was the Rookie of the Year the year before and I remember watching him taking BP in my first camp. He just sprayed line drives all over the field. Getting out of the cold weather in the North was what I liked the most about spring training. Being a catcher, I got there before the rest of the position players. Workouts for pitchers and catchers weren’t as long, so I had time to get in some bass fishing. I didn’t care for the 10 wind sprints every day and the first few days of squatting left me with some very sore calf muscles and legs. It was hard to walk up steps for a few days.”


I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Bonnie Vukovich. I can remember her speaking at the Wall of Fame induction for John. She seemed like a nice lady–and far too young to pass away. Condolences to the Vukovich family.

Was she ever a ballgirl for the Phillies? Or maybe an employee of the team? I seem to remember that a Phillie married a ballgirl, and I thought it was the Vukovichs. Or am I misremembering?

Keep up the good work, Larry–I enjoy reading the details in your posts, like today’s comments about the extra home unis the team brings down for media day! Who knew???

Too bad the Phillies had to open camp during a cold snap (overnight temperatures in the 30s and mid- morning temperatures for the start of workouts hovering around 50), but weather forecasters say more ideal Spring Training weather is on the way..
-D. Orlandini

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