Needles Today, Bats Tomorrow

Needles, EKGs, blood pressure readings are part of physical exams that the position players will go throw today.

At 9:30 a.m. Saturday, there’s a meeting in the clubhouse. Executives, field staff, athletic trainers, clubhouse staff and several others will be introduced. The meeting traditionally concludes with the state of the union message by the President….I mean the manager.

Everybody then heads out the north exit of Bright House Field for the four diamonds at Carpenter Field. Workouts will last beyond 12:45, the general ending time that pitchers and catchers have been experiencing since Wednesday.

Hitters will get to take batting practice off coaches and instructors before facing live pitchers next week.

At 7 a.m. on Monday, players will begin living up for the annual Photo Day. Wire service photographers, newspaper photographers and MLB licensees will take their traditional head shots, posted images and some video tapings.

Daily workouts through next Thursday will be open to the public. Drills start at 10 a.m.

A week from today, an intra-squad game will be played at Bright House Field at 12 noon. Gates open at 10:35 and there will be no admission fee. Concessions stands, merchandise and tickets are all open.

The first Grapefruit League game is a week from tomorrow, Saturday, the 23rd, against the American League Houston Astros. Yep, the Astros have switched leagues.

Phillies home opener is April 4:05 p.m., Friday, April 5, also against an American League club, the Kansas City Royals.

Spring Training Memories
Warren Brusstar (RHP, 1977-82)
“I don’t remember too much about spring training. I do remember my first year in the big league camp, walking in the clubhouse and seeing superstars like Schmidt, Carlton and Luzinski. Just being in a clubhouse with them was a thrill. Sometimes we got time off which allowed us to play golf and relax a little. You could get your work done at your own pace. The only thing I didn’t like was the early mornings. I’m just not an early morning person by any means.”

(Blog resumes on Monday).

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