Clearwater Time

What you can expect in spring training……

**Someday next week, Halladay will officially throw from the mound for the first time at Carpenter Field. Expect dozens of eyes to be glued on him: front office staff, field personnel, writers, athletic trainers, doctors, dentists (kidding) and lens from TV cameras, igital cameras and iPhones.

**Ospreys have been known to roost in the Carpenter Field light towers and they’ll be eyeing Doc from high above. But, who will know?

**Chase will play his first spring training game since 2010.

**Media will quote those famous unnamed scouts scrutinizing Halladay’s outings.

**Name players will be missing from their team’s lineups because of the World Baseball Classic.

**Bright House Field will again be the place to be.

**Media will provide daily updates on Jeter’s recovery from surgery.

**Spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Best place to view them, the deck of the Palm Pavilion on Clearwater Beach.

**This just in….if you want to see the sun rise….go to Miami.

**This just in….there is road construction on Route 19.

**Yankees will still be top draw at Bright House Field.

**Battle for second catching spot with Chooch starting the season on the suspended list.

**National media focus will switch from Clearwater to Dunedin and the new-look Blue Jays.

**Road construction on Route 19…oops, already said that.

**With the starting rotation set, focus will shift to bullpen berth battles.

**Another battle….back-up infielders.

**Lenny’s will serve the best breakfast in town.

**Ryan Howard will limp after fouling a ball off his foot setting off the panic alarm.

**Schmidt will come to camp and media will pester him about the Hall of Fame voting.

**J-Roll will proclaim the Phillies are the team to beat.

**Those baseball experts will disagree.

**Grouper burgers will be more popular on the beach than hamburgers.

**Charlie will get tired of answering the question if this is his last year.

**Winter blahs will officially end when Scott Franzke starts the first broadcast, “Welcome to beautiful Bright House Field.”

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Do you have any information on the TV / Radio broadcasting schedule for spring training games? The first televised game from Clearwater is a big ritual.

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