Happy 2013

Happy New Year.

Didn’t break any resolutions so far.  But, the reason is simple: I didn’t make any.  Why make ‘em and then break ‘em.

Hall of Fame
Baseball Writers have voted for the Hall of Fame inductees for this year.  Results will be announced on January 9.

Phillies Alumni on the ballot include Dale Murphy (15th time on the ballot) and first-timers, Curt Schilling, Kenny Lofton, Julio Franco, Jeff Conine and Jose Mesa. Norristown native, Mike Piazza, is also on the ballot for the first time.

To be inducted, a candidate must receive 75% of the votes.  Players are removed from the ballot after 15 years.  Players who receive 5% of the votes the first time are no longer eligible.

Top 100 Last month, ESPN.com posted its’ Hall of 100, the top 100 players of all time.  Phillies have 13 Alumni who are listed.  In case you missed it:
#16 – 3B Mike Schmidt
#20 – 2B Joe Morgan
#26 – LHP Steve Carlton
#28 – 1B Jimmie Foxx
#37 – 1B Pete Rose
#41 – RHP Pedro Martinez
#48 – 2B-1B Nap Lajoie
#50 – RHP Grover Cleveland Alexander
#62 – RHP Ferguson Jenkins
#79 – RHP Robin Roberts
#82 – RHP Kid Nichols
#92 – RHP Roy Halladay
#94 – 1B Jim Thome

Hard to believe Chuck Klein is not on that list.

Out To Sea
Charlie Manuel, Rich Dubee, Ryne Sandberg, Larry Bowa and Ben Revere will join Scott Palmer on the Phillies cruise, leaving from Florida this Sunday. They return a week later a little heftier from all the dining.

Happy Birthday
December 31—OF Sil Campusano (48) . . . January 2—C Jim Essian (62), RHP Garrett Stephenson (41) . . . January 3—C Darren Daulton (51) . . . January 4—LHP Ken Reynolds (66), MGR Charlie Manuel (69) . . . January 5—LHP Danny Jackson (51), OF Milt Thompson (54), OF Bob Dernier (56), C-CH Bob Oldis (85) . . . January 6—2B Marlon Anderson (39), SS-CH Ruben Amaro Sr. (77).

Alumni Features/Photos
Don’t forget to check out www.phillies.com/alumni.

New photos and features will be posted there over the next three weeks.

Comments and suggestions about the Alumni page are welcomed.

Did You Ever Wonder?
Why college football coaches have police escorts when entering and leaving the field?

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