In honor of yesterday, here are 12 interesting facts about #12 and the Phillies:

**1950 NL Champions: OF Bill (Swish) Nicholson

**1980 World Champions: CH Ruben Amaro Sr.

**1983 NL Champions: 1B Len Matuszek **1993 NL Champions: 2B Mickey Morandini

**2008 World Champions: OF Matt Stairs

**2009 NL Champions: OF Matt Stairs

**Currently: CH Juan Samuel

**Most years: Tony Taylor and Mickey Morandini, 8 years each

**MLB debut: 9/10/47: 3B Wilie (Puddiin’ Head) Jones

**MLB debut: 9/1/04: 1B Ryan Howard

**Spring training 2005: Ryan Howard (switched to #6 when season started)

**First Phillies player: 1932, 2B/3B Les Mallon (1932 was the first season the Phillies started wearing numbers)

Trivia Question

Can you name the first Phillies player to win the MVP Award?

Answer can be found at www.phillies.com/alummni.

Did You Ever Wonder?

If a batted ball hits the foul pole, why is it a fair ball?


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