1 Young One, 1 Older Young One

Welcome to Ben Revere and Michael Young.

Ben is an exciting, young, fast centerfielder while Young is a proven, veteran hitter with terrific clubhouse presence.  Michael’s looking forward to a new challenge and is glad to be playing third base, Todd Zolecki reports.

In the history of the Phillies dating back to 1883, 1,912 players have worn their uniform. We’ve never had a Revere but there have been four players named Young:

**Bobby Young, a second baseman who ended an eight-year big league career playing 32 games with the Phillies in 1958.

**Del Young, second baseman-shortstop whose entire big league career was with the Phillies, 1937-40.

**Dick Young, second baseman with two limited stints with the Phillies, 1951-52, his only major league experience.

**Mike Young, an outfielder who spent eight years in the majors including one with the Phillies, 1988.

Combined, those four have 278 career hits with the Phillies.  The newest Michael Young has 2,230, third best among active players and tops in Texas Rangers history.

Scout Stuff

What do the Phillies amateur scouts do at this time of the year?

This past weekend, there were workouts for potential draft prospects in California.   This month, scouts are doing in-home visits with high school prospects and their families.

Come next month, the scouts’ season of going to baseball games begins.  That’ll last until the June 6 draft.

Royal Flush

With their big Sunday night trade, the Royals have completely reshaped their starting rotation, two new additions from the Rays (Shields and Davis) to go with two other post-season additions (Santana and Guthrie).

We’ll get to see some of those guys when the 10th Citizens Bank Park season opens, the weekend of April 5-6-7.  Yep, first time we ever started a home season with the Royals.

10th Citizens Bank Park season?  “Hard to believe, Harry.”

Alumni Birthdays

This week……. 10—C-CH Doc Edwards (76), 1B Jon Zuber (43) . . . 11—1B Andy Tracy (39) . . . 13—RHP Ferguson Jenkins (69) . . . 14—CH Joe Rigoli (56) . . . 15—RHP Ray Herbert (83), RHP Stan Bahnsen (68), RHP Dan Boitano (59) . . . 16—OF Adolpho Phillips (71).

Best Tweet

Sunday night from Jon Morosi of FOX.com: “Including Ryu Hyun-Jin’s posting fee, Dodgers have spent $208.7 million on pitching this weekend.  Feel better about your credit card bill?”

Baseball History

December 10, 1919: The NL votes to ban the spitball’s use by all new pitchers. The ban will be formally worked out by the Rules Committee in February.

Cool Photo

Check out the photo on www.phillies.com/alumni, the story about the five Phillies who have won an MVP award.

Lucky Number

Tomorrow is 12/12/12. Just think there will never be a 13/13/13.



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