“Hard to believe, Harry”

Congratulations to the Giants.  They rode momentum to the sweep and out-played the Tigers in every phase, including heart and hustle.  SF’s defense was brilliant.  Just goes to show the importance of defense.

The NL has now won four of the last five World Series, Phillies, Giants, Cardinals, Giants.

Looking back at the Series, as Richie Ashburn used to say, “Hard to believe, Harry:”

**The Tigers led only once in the entire Series.  That came in game 4 and lasted a total of 16 batters.

**Detroit, which had the long layoff waiting for the series, never got going, especially their 3-4 power bats, Cabrera and Fielder.

**Sandoval out-homered his 3B counterpart, 3-1.  All three homers came in his first three at-bats.

**Belt out-hit his 1B counterpart, .077 to .071.

**For the first time in his life, Theriot was a DH in game 4. All he did was pick up his first WS hit this year, score the clinching run and get his second straight World Series ring.

**Because of the long wait, the Tigers set up their rotation so that Verlander could start three times.  Their best starting four were all lined up.  Verlander lasted four innings in Game 1.

**By going the full seven games against the Cardinals and having one day off before the Series, the Giants had to start their 4-5 starters, Zito and Bumgarner in the first two games and both excelled.

**Cain became the second pitcher ever to win an All-Star Game, throw a perfect game and win the Series clincher in the same season.

**Lincecum struggled during the season, was removed from the rotation in the postseason and excelled in relief.

**Vogelsong  was 2-5, 4.91 ERA with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in 2010, released by the Phillies that July, signed with the Giants on 1/11/11, won 27 games the last two seasons and was 3-0 this postseason, allowing three runs.

**As mentioned in an earlier blog, Pat Burrell is a Giants scout which means he now has three World Series rings (2008, 2010 and 2012) on two hits.

Baseball’s Offseason

Free agency started on Tuesday.  Clubs have three days in which to pick up options they may have on players which means more players will be available.

Clubs have five days in which to make a qualifying offer (one year, $13.3 million) to any of their potential free agents.  If the player refuses and signs elsewhere, the club acquires a compensation selection in next summer’s draft.  If the team doesn’t make an offer, there’s no compensation selection.

General Managers will have their annual meetings in November and then baseball’s annual winter meetings will take place in December in Nashville.  The hot stove season will be heating up.

Quote of the Week

Tampa Bay 1B Carlos Pena is a free agent after hitting .197, 19 homers, 67 RBI. “There are few men who can do what he does in a bad season; that’s a good season for a lot of players,” said agent Scott Boras.

AFL News

Two Phillies prospects, 3B Cody Ache and C Tommy Joseph, have been selected to play in the Arizona Fall League’s Rising Stars Game this Saturday night.  MLB Network will televise the game.

Cheer Up

The Phillies first spring training game will be February 23 against Houston, which is now in the American League.

That’s only 116 days away.



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