By The Numbers Recap

Summary of Phillies 2012 season, by the numbers……….

0   Wins on artificial surface field (3 losses at Toronto)

1   First time a shortstop has led Phillies in homers

2   Consecutive years in which Phillies led majors in attendance

3   Rain outs at Citizens Bank Park

5   From 2008 draft who have pitched for the Phillies

6   Consecutive seasons of 3 million attendance

7   RBI for Ruiz in 5/2 game, most ever for a Phillies catcher

7.5   tons electronics collected, 4/21 eCycle event at CBP

8   Players who made their major league debut

9   Kendrick wins after All-Star Game

11   Walk-off wins, matching NL high

13   Longest hitting streak (Wigginton)

17   Career-high wins for Cole

18   Weddings at Citizens Bank Park, 9 of which were receptions

24   Different Phillies who homered, a club record

28   Walks issued by Lee in 211 innings

33   Delta charter flights

33.95   Tons of recycled material per month from CBP during season

34   Come-from-behind wins

37   Wins first half

40   Wins at home

41    Wins on the road

44   Wins second half

62   Citizens Bank Park sellouts

69   Appearances for Papelbon, a career high

76   Games missed by Utley at start of season

80   Bags of Scotts fertilizer used on the field

84   Games missed by Howard at start of season

84.1   Pierre’s stolen base %, highest of career

93   Runs allowed in the 8th inning

152   Most games started by a position player (J-Roll)

158   Trees to be planted 11/10, Home Runs for Trees initiative

232   Walks allowed by pitchers, fewest in majors

257   Consecutive sellout streak, 3rd longest in baseball history

921   Strikeouts by pitchers, most in the majors

2,750   Average number of game-day and Aramark employees

5,000   Runners in 5/31 Phillies Charities 5K run

25,014  Citizens Bank Park tour guests since January

27,986  Phanatic dangle hats sold

77,760  Baseballs used over 162 games, pre-game & game

118,668  Bags of peanuts sold

143,000  Containers of crab fries sold

715,260  Twitter followers

928,602  Hot dogs and sausages sold

1,215,678  Facebook followers

3,565,718  Attendance, 4th highest total in club history

8,646,400  Ounces of water sold

12,800,000kWh Electricity consumed during season at Citizens Bank Park

15,622,496  Ounces of soda sold


How about the only number that matters…. 82? Total wins and losses!

You have nothing for the numbers 99 and 71. Here’s my suggestion to fill in those blanks: Ryan ‘THE BIG GLOVE SPITTER’ Howard struck out 99 times in 71 games this season. Some looking, most flailing. That’s worth $25M?

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