Say What?

Baseball has its own terminology, especially when it comes to broadcasters.

Suppose a man from Mars arrived on Earth for the very first time.  (Don’t know how he got here; just go along with the story).

While lying in his hotel bed in Jupiter (Florida, that is), he turns on the TV and starts to watch a game called baseball, something that doesn’t exist on his planet.

What do you suppose he thinks when he hears the announcer say?

“There’s a punch shot to left field.”

“Outfielders are having a tough time with this high sky today.”

“The pitcher hides the ball behind his hip.”

“At 0-2, the hitter is in the hole.”

“Chad has been in hot water since the first inning.”

“Bobby swings and beats the ball into the ground.”

“The 1-2 pitch, Allen swings and squirts it foul.”

“He checks his swing.”

“The squeeze play is on.”

“Tonight is bark in the park night. Some 700 dogs paraded around the warning track before the game.”

“This guy is more of a banjo-type hitter.”

“Grounder to second, Uggla gobbles it up.”

“Hot shot to third, Scott fires a rocket to first base.”

“Jimmy is digging in at home plate.”

“Juan trapped that ball.”

“Here’s the pitch, Raul hammered it….”

To those of us who occupy Earth and listen to a lot of baseball games, these descriptions are quite normal.  To the Martian, he has to wonder.

Now that you’ve read this, you too must wonder.  Well, sometimes in writing you have to think out of the box.


Those are good ones, Larry!

How about some more:

“He hits a grand salami.”
“Looks like they caught him napping at first.”
“Nothing but goose eggs for the home team today.”
“And that twin killing will end the inning.”

And my favorite: “He looks runnerish, Harry.”

Steve: Thanks for your additions. Love it.

Larry Shenk

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