Season Of Disbelief Ends

An Amtrak charter train brought the Phillies back after Wednesday’s loss which ended a season of disbelief.

**Cliff is one of only three pitchers in major league baseball history (since 1900) to strike out 200 or more and issue 30 or fewer walks.  He finished with 28 walks, 207 strikeouts.  Other two: Roy Halladay, 30-219 in 2010 and Cy Young, 29-200 in 1904 and 30-210 in 1905.

**Yet, Cliff finished 6-9 as the offense scored 76 total runs during his 211 innings.  That’s 2.5 per start.

**Offense produced 683 runs, fewest since 668 in 1997.

**Ruf drove in all five Phillies runs in the final series.  Last RBI other than Ruf: SF by Domonic in 8th inning on Sunday in Miami.

**To qualify for a batting title, 502 plate appearances are required.  Only J-Roll had enough plate appearances to qualify.

**J-Roll and Chooch share the club RBI lead with 68, fewest for a leader since Von Hayes (73) in 1990.

**8th inning was a sink hole for Phillies pitchers.  In 162 8th innings, they issued 80 walks (matching the Cubs) and allowed an NL-high 24 home runs.

**When Brummett relieved in the 9th inning in the finale he became the 8th to make his major league debut with the Phillies during the season, the most since 16 in 1996.  Brummett was 12 years old then.

**Starting eight for the season finale contained only two players who were with the club on opening day, Chooch and Pierre. Ruiz was the only one in the starting lineup back on April 1, no foolin’.  Four of the eight from that game didn’t finish the season with the Phillies (Polly, Shane, Hunter and Galvis).

**2013 season starts in Atlanta on April 1, no foolin’.


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time for the phillies to play ” moneyball “, do we really need a 180 million payroll ? other than the pitchers, who is worth that much ? the core players are older and tired the 2012 season clearly showed that they expected things to go their way rather than work towards that end, day in , day out. we need to off-load, howard, utley, rollins, wigginton, nix, bastardo, and a few others. we aren’t the yankees, the fans won’t support a losing team ( as 2nd 1/2 ticket sales showed ) the minors with the phils are loaded with talent, it’s their time now and it’s clearly time for ” out with the old, and in with the new “

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