1 Hour Changes Phils Fortunes

In the period of about one hour late on Saturday afternoon, the Phillies postseason fortunes took a turn for the worst.

Fresh from their eighth straight home win on Friday night, Doc was taking the mound on Saturday.  Out in Chicago, the Cardinals were losing going into the top of the ninth.  Another StL loss and Phillies win would cut the wildcard margin to 2 games.

During that hour, the Cardinals tied the game in the ninth and won it in the 10th.  The Braves drove Doc from the game with seven runs in the first two innings.  Atlanta pitching handed the Phillies back-to-back losses by limiting Phillies bats to five hits and three runs, one of which was unearned.

Cliff was outstanding again on Sunday and once again received no run support.  He has pitched six or more innings and has not issued more than one walk in 15 consecutive startss, a modern major league record.  But, he wound up with an L.

Nine games remain, including the final three home games that start on Tuesday night against the Nationals, the team with league’s best record.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals visit Houston for three games. There’s still hope but it is slim.

While there is no game today, the wheels of motion for offseason player moves are starting to turn.  Ruben, his staff and the pro scouts are meeting to review reports and  options for third base, the outfield and bullpen for 2013.  It will be an interesting offseason for the Phillies.

LA Scouting Report

Bill Harper, an 86-year-old scout who has been in the game for over 50 years, received the Dallas Green Scouting Award pre-game on Sunday.  Scouts are unsung heroes the game.

Harper began scouting the northwest part of the country in 1970.  Larry Andersen lived in that part of the country.  Did Harper remember scouting LA?

“I remember him but don’t quite know how high I rated him.  That was a long time ago.  I do remember going to a game to see him pitch and he’s playing first base.  After the game, I asked him when he was pitching again and he said, ‘tomorrow night.”  I showed up and this time he was playing third base.  I did see him later that spring but don’t remember too many specifics.”

LA was drafted by the Indians in the seventh round in 1971.  In checking the Phillies first seven selections that June, only one really made it.  The second rounder, a shortstop out of Ohio University, Michael Jack Schmidt.

Aren’t you glad the Phillies didn’t draft LA in the second round instead of Schmidt?

New Alumni Feature

60 years ago Robin Roberts did something that will never be matched in today’s game….he pitched a complete game, all 17 innings.

Check out the story at www.phillies.com/alumni.


September 24, 1911: St. Louis scores in the sixth inning to break rookie RHP Grover Cleveland Alexander’s 41 consecutive scoreless innings streak, a Phillies record that hasn’t been broken.

Cliff has come the closest, 34 innings last season.  Next on the list is 32.2 consecutive scoreless innings.  That belongs to LA in 1984, the longest streak for a reliever.

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