Historic Explosion

Tyler Cloyd finished his pre-game warm-up, walked to the dugout and sat and sat and sat.  When he finally got into Thursday’s game, it was as a hitter with the bases loaded.  He grounded into a double-play to record the first two outs of the game.

The Phillies batted around (13 batters) in that first inning (eight runs) and again (11 batters) in the ninth (seven runs) in coasting to a 16-1 win over the Mets.  From Elias:  Phillies are the first team in major league history to score seven or more runs in the first and ninth innings.

The Phillies finished with  21 hits, 19 singles.

Often times when given a big lead, a pitcher will struggle.  Cloyd didn’t.  He worked eight economical innings and gave up three hits.  He threw only 88 pitches, 64 for strikes.

After the game, the Phillies boarded three busses for a trip home and their final home stand of the regular season, three each with the Braves and Nationals.  Yes, they are still in the wildcard hunt but the odds are very slim.

Awards Weekend


Paul Owens Award presented to Tyler Cloyd and Darin Ruf. Award given annually since 1986 to the best pitcher and position player in the Phillies minor league system.

Richie Ashburn Award, started in 1998, will be presented to Rob Holiday, Assistant Director, Scouting.  Award given to a member of the Phillies who has demonstrated the same loyalty, dedication and passion for the game as Ashburn.


Phillies Community Service Award.  For the major league Phillies, J-Roll is the recipient.  For the minor leagues, RHP Colin Kleven.  Kleven accumulated 12 hours of service while pitching for Lakewood.


Roberto Clemente Award for Phillies will go to J-Roll.  Each big league team selects a player who excels in community relations efforts.  All 30 are in the running for the overall Award.  Winner will be announced during the World Series. Fans can vote at www.MLB.com/Clemente/Award.

Dallas Green Award will be presented to 86-year-old Bill Harper, who scouted for the Phillies for 42 years and is still helping in that end of the game.  The Award, instituted in 2011, is given to the amateur or pro scout who best exemplifies the Phillies standard for scouting while demonstrating the same loyalty, work ethic, dedication and passion as Green.  It also recognizes the scout’s ability to judge not only a player’s talent but also his character and heart.  Among the players Harper signed are Ryne Sandberg and Larry Christenson.

Pro Scouts Meeting

Every Wednesday, starting in spring training, Ruben and his staff conduct a conference call with the Phillies scouts who follow pro teams, be it the majors or minors.

Starting Friday, they are together for meetings at Citizens Bank Park. It is a chance to sit down face-to-face to review reports, assess the Phillies needs going forward. The scouts will also get to see their own players for five games.

The group includes Pat Gillick, Dallas Green, Ed Wade, Charley Kerfeld, Gordon Lakey, Howie Freiling, Dave Hollins, Sonny Bowers, Dean Jongewaard, Jesse Levis, Jon Mercurio, Roy Tanner, Del Unser and Dan Wright.  Mike Ondo is the Director of Professional Scouting.


September 21, 1911: RHP Grover Cleveland Alexander hurls his fourth straight shutout at Chicago.  Others were September 7 (at Braves), 13 (Dodgers) and 17 (at Reds).

September 21, 1964: Holding a 6 1/2-game lead with 12 games left in the season, the Phillies lose, 1-0, to Cincinnati as Chico Ruiz steals home with Frank Robinson at bat. The defeat launches a disastrous 10-game losing streak during which the Phillies fall out of first place.  Phillies drew 1,425,891, their largest attendance ever.

September 23, 1916: RHP Grover Cleveland Alexander pitches 7-3 and 4-0 complete-game wins over Cincinnati at Baker Bowl and ties a major league record by walking only one batter. Almost a year later (September 3) he does it again, 5-0 and 9-3, at Brooklyn, allowing one walk.

September 23, 1983: A 6-2, 12-strikeout victory at St. Louis gives LHP Steve Carlton his 300th career win, the 16th pitcher in baseball history to reach that milestone.

For more Phlashback moments, visit www.phillies.com/alumni.


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