KK Wave

Riding the KK wave, the Phillies have pulled within one game of .500 and five games of a wildcard berth.

By beating Miami for the eighth straight time, KK pulled within one game of .500.  He carried a no-hitter through five innings.  Once a swing man between the rotation and bullpen, he may never return to the pen.

Domonic gave KK a two-run lead and that’s all he needed. Since the All-Star Game break, KK is 7-2 with a 2.34 ERA.  Phillies starters have the league’s best ERA in that time frame, 3.38, and a lot of credit goes to KK.

New No. 18

Darin Ruf had some kind of season at Reading, just missing the Triple Crown in the Eastern League while leading all minor leaguers in home runs. His season ended when he grounded into a double play in the top of the ninth inning on Sunday as the R-Phillies were eliminated in the postseason at Trenton.

Dejected after the game, he received good news….he was going to the majors. According to the AP, Ruf arrived at Citizens Bank Park around 12:30 p.m. on Monday and had a meeting with Charlie.  “He had a little smile on his face when I walked in,” Ruf told reporters. “But I think mine was a little bigger than his.”

At some point he’ll get into his first major league game.  His short name is a perfect fit for a box score.

Responding to a Posted Comment

Steve recently asked about Phillies videos for Comcast On Demand.  Here’s an update:

Video department is still working on an Alumni Weekend Video On Demand piece that will include segments from the Luncheon.  ETA to be determined.  Comcast VOD also features “Behind the Pinstripes” shows as well as a number of the Phillies year-end DVDs, mostly from the Citizens Bank Park era.

There are no plans at the moment to do anything with the old highlight films.  It is a subject that might be discussed internally and with Comcast. Old highlight films would require a lot of production changes for broadcast purposes.

Appreciate the suggestion, Steve.

Down On The Farm

Postseason All-Stars:

**International League–RHS Tyler Cloyd.  Also named IL Most Valuable Pitcher.  **Eastern League—1B-LF Darin Ruf, 2B Cesar Hernandez, C Tommy Joseph.  **Florida State League—C Cameron Rupp, LHP Austin Wright, LHP Adam Morgan.  Wright also named Pitcher of the Year in the FSL.

**Gulf Coast League—OF Andrew Pullin.

Alumni News, Notes, Photos

Visit www.phillies.com/alumni




1 Comment

Thanks for the update, Larry. I do think people would watch those old highlights films, so hopefully at some point they see the light of day again!

You know, at some point at least the 1971 and 1972 highlights were shown on TV, because I have a DVD copy that I acquired in a trade of the full 1971 film and part of the 1972 film. They are in lousy condition, obviously saved on videotape for many years, and across the bottom a scroll occasionally appears saying something like “The Phillies and the Mets are in a rain delay.” So maybe at least for a couple of them a video was already created (even if it is ancient).

Anyway, thanks for checking into it for me.

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