Emptying E-mail Bin

From Bob:
I’m very happy that Pat (Burrell) is leaving as a Phillie. I just don’t understand what it means. Could you please explain to me what the difference is between retiring as a Phillie and just retiring from baseball. I’ve seen this done before and never totally understood it. I could see the importance if the Hall of Fame was involved.

“Retiring as a Phillies is more ceremonial than an official transaction.  Pat was no longer under contract with the Giants and decided he no longer could play so we invited him to retire as a Phillie as we had done with Doug Glanville and Mike Lieberthal, previously. Texas did the same thing with Ivan Rodriguez this season. If a player is under contract and decides to retire, as Mike Schmidt did in 1989, that player forfeits his salary.  If a player is released while under contract, he still gets paid.”

From William:
When attending a double header game against the NY Giants, Richie (Ashburn) caught a fly ball in short center field and the umpire ruled it a non catch. All the fans knew it was a catch and began throwing all kinds of bottles, etc., onto the field. The game had to be forfeited. Did Richie ever talk about it and whether he had a conversation with the umpire? Would like to know.

“I was in Richie’s company for many, many years and heard stories after stories but never anything about the game you mentioned.  Perhaps newspaper archives would have something but I would think that is a long shot.”

From Dennis:
I’m guessing the annual Phillies Wall Of Fame announcement will come sometime during the Phils’ next homestand – June 1- June 7. Does that sound about right?

“Still in a holding pattern.  Hopefully by the end of the month.”

From Charlie:
We have been trying to find an answer to a question. Why when a pitch hits the ground on its way to the plate, the ball is taken out of play. However, if a ground ball is hit, say down the 3rd base path, bouncing 3 times, fielded cleanly and the runner is thrown out at first, the ball is thrown around the horn and returned to the pitcher,,, still in play?
“There is no hard rule.  I don’t believe the ball is tossed from the game after every wild pitch.  And, there are times when a ball is taken out of play after it had been hit.  Balls taken out of play sometimes will reappear later in the game.  Just depends how badly the ball has been scarred. That’s the bottom line.”

From Norm:
I am an 82 year old long time Phillies fan. As I recall on Bowa’s first day at Shibe Park he was refused entrance to the park because the guard did not believe that he was old enough to be major league player. On that same day the new manager of the Phillies, whose name escapes me, got lost trying to find 21st and Lehigh.

“I believe you are correct about Bowa at Connie Mack Stadium.  The manager was Frank Lucchesi.”

Down On The Farm
**Lehigh Valley scored 8 runs in the top of the ninth inning to cement a 14-4 win at Gwinnett.  1B John Suomi, 2nd homer this week, 4 RBI.  C Tuffy Gosewisch, double, homer, 3 RBI.  16-13 in May.

**Reading lost, 8-1, to Binghamton. 13-14 in May.

**Clearwater won, 10-9, in 13 innings at Tampa on a bases-loaded walk.  16-12 in May.

**Lakewood lost, 9-8, allowing 6 runs in the bottom of the ninth at Kannapolis. 1B Kelly Dugan and 2B Alejandro Villalobos, 3 hits each.  10-19 in May.

June 1, 1969: 1B Dick Allen slams five home runs in five consecutive games to set a club record. The fifth homer comes in a 12-4 loss to Los Angeles at Connie Mack Stadium.  The five homers were part of a streak in which he hit nine in 14 games.

June 2, 1949
Phillies hit five home runs in the eighth inning of a 12-3 win over Cincinnati at Shibe Park.  C Andy Seminick hits two (three for the game), while LF Del Ennis, 3B Willie Jones and RHP Schoolboy Rowe each add one.

June 2, 1998
Choosing first for the first time in club history, the Phillies select 3B Pat Burrell in the amateur free agent draft.  The University of Miami slugger was later signed to a five-year, $8 million contract, highest amount ever given to an amateur player.

June 3, 1972
Paul Owens, a member of the Phillies organization since 1956 and the club’s farm director since 1965, is promoted to General Manager, replacing John Quinn. Owens becomes the architect of the Phillies greatest era, which produces one world championship, two NL pennant-winners and five division titles.




When I was a kid, my friend’s mom took us to a game at Connie Mack Stadium between the Phils and the SF Giants. I remember being thrilled to see Willie Mays. On that day, Tony Taylor hit a grand slam. The game would have been in the mid to late 60’s
From this limited info., is there any way I can discover the date of the game?
Thank you.

John: I’ll work on it. May take a little time but will get on it. Can you kindly e-mail me at lshenk@phillies.com so I can get back to you? Cheers.

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