Back Again

Hadn’t been able to post since last Wednesday when my wife was hospitalized.  She’s facing a sixth knee surgery in the last two years. 

No posts since last Wednesday resulted in seven comments, which is great.  Some weren’t very pleasant but that’s OK.  Dave, I’ve never been called a joke before but I do have a sense of humor and you made me laugh. Hope Jay Leno calls soon. Steve, all I know about the Vet roof is that the images you mentioned came from the architect’s rendering of the stadium.  Trying to remember more specifics from 41 years ago isn’t easy. Heck, yesterday I couldn’t remember where I left my shoes. If you are angry at the Phillies, think of six knee surgeries or children in hospitals or cancer patients. There is more to life than getting upset at a sports team. 

Being a fan means sticking with your team through the highs and lows.  There’s nothing like winning but it doesn’t last forever. 

Back to Baseball
We should have swept the Padres but didn’t.  Every game seems to be some kind of struggle.  All the players can do is show up every day and battle.  This game isn’t easy and neither is life.

This is a different team from a year ago.  A lineup exactly a year ago included only J-Roll, Shane and Cole. 

Papelbon is 10-for-10 in saves.  Yesterday was the sixth save in which he retired the side in order.  The challenge lately has been getting to him.

Phillies haven’t won three in a row yet.  Last time they went this far into the season without a three-game win streak was 1992. 

So, now the Astros come to town for two, then to the Cubs’ Wrigley Field for two and back home for three with the Red Sox.  Hey, how are Red Sox fans reacting these days?  They had high expectations, too.

Down On The Farm
**Lehigh Valley won two and was rained out Sunday in Louisville.  RHP Scott Elarton (4-1) won his third straight on Friday, allowing one hit (4th inning single) in six innings.

**Reading lost two of three in New Britain.  SS Troy Hanzawa extended his hitting streak to 14 games (.396).  1B Darin Ruf ended the weekend leading the EL in hitting (.383), hits (49) and RBI (27). 

**Clearwater was idle on Sunday but won on Friday and Saturday nights. 3B Cody Asche extended his hitting streak to 13 games (.453).

**Lakewood lost two of three to Greensboro. 

Alumni News
Don’t forget to check out for features and photos involving Phillies Alumni.  Welcome input on what you would like to read on this page.


Hope to be able to post daily this week but it may be out of my control.  Trust you will understand. 






Here’s to a quick recovery for your Mrs! I’ll be at the game tonight, cheering on the team.

Larry, I hope your wife will feel better soon.

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