Going Home

Ruben circulated an e-mail about the Phillies roster that would be going north Sunday for the On-Deck Series with the Pirates on Monday and Tuesday nights.   He pointed out it is subject to change.

Worley, Stutes and Contreras are staying in Clearwater to pitch in minor league camp games.  Stutes has come down with tender shoulder deemed nothing serious.

The final flight manifest for Sunday’s Delta charter won’t be determined until the next couple of days.  There’s a game against the Yankees tonight in Tampa (MLB Network), the last Bright House Field game of the spring Saturday afternoon (Blue Jays) and Sunday’s Florida finale in Orlando (Braves).  Hopefully no more injuries.  Then, always the possibility of acquiring a new player.

We do know extra players, most likely a few from the Lehigh Valley roster, will be heading for the On-Deck Series.

Two busses will leave Clearwater at 8 Sunday morning.  Another bus for wives and office staff, will depart at 1 p.m.

Not only are the Phillies leaving town on Sunday, but so are the top three minor league clubs.  Lehigh Valley and Reading are flying.  Clearwater’s roster has the shortest trip, a walk from the Carpenter Complex clubhouse to the clubhouse at Bright House Field.  Lakewood opens in Greensboro so Mickey Morandini’s BlueClaws club will be staying until Wednesday.

All teams, Phillies through Lakewood, start their respective seasons on Thursday.  Get this, Reading is opening with a doubleheader at home.  Phillies open in Pittsburgh (more about openers next week) and have their home opener on April 9 against the new-look Marlins.

MLB Network

Series of 30 clubs in 30 days continues with the Phillies airing tonight at 11 a.m. and again on Saturday at 12 noon.

Opening Day Memories
Terry Francona (MGR, 1997-2000)
“While with the Reds, hitting a home run in 1987 off Floyd Youmans of the Expos, my former team.”

For more Alumni memories visit www.phillies.com/alumni.

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